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The secret Love Island feud: Why no one talks to Molly-Mae anymore

An investigation

She is this year's Love Island sweetheart, parties with Paris Hilton, is on countless billboards in Times Square, New York. And she goes out with picture-perfect Tommy Fury. On the surface, Molly-Mae has it all and is living her premeditated Love Island dream. But why does no one seem to be talking to her anymore?

Since the end of the fifth season, the other contestants have consistently thrown shade at Molly-Mae and no one can figure out why. The public also turned against her, claiming she was only on the show for money.

Here's everything we know about the secret Love Island feud and why no one talks to Molly-Mae anymore:

She fell out with Anton and Belle after Anton unfollowed her on Instagram

An insider told The Sun last month that Anton unfollowed Molly-Mae as soon as he got out of the villa because he didn't like her. They source said: "He unfollowed her as soon as he left the villa and has been telling friends he doesn't like her at all and neither does Belle.

“Both him and Belle say it’s down to Molly that they missed out on the final – they are convinced she was tactical and eliminated them because she felt they were a threat to them.

“They had a good chance of winning but it was ruined for them because of Molly.”

Anton and Molly-Mae had an iconic spat on the Love Island Reunion show.

Then Molly-Mae wasn't at the girls' sleepover

Some of the girls reunited for a sleepover but Molly-Mae wasn't there. Even Anna's sister Mandi was invited!!! The girls ordered pizzas and danced around in their pyjamas all night.

Belle didn't invite Molly-Mae to her 'influencer' dinner at STK

Belle threw the party for her famous friends at the London restaurant. And Molly-Mae's absence was noted.

Belle skipped Molly-Mae's PrettyLittleThing collaboration earlier in the month

According to The Sun, Belle snubbed the party. Belle also told MailOnline before the event: "Do you know what, I think Molly's got too many opinions sometimes." Yikes.

Yewande then came out and said she doesn't really speak to Molly-Mae

On Instagram live with Anna, someone asked Yewande if she was friends with Molly. There was an awkward pause and then Yewande said: "Well we don't really speak to each other."

Then it was revealed that Molly-Mae didn't invite Yewande to the PrettyLittleThing launch.

Lucie complained that Molly-Mae doesn't speak to anyone anymore

Lucie Donlan told The Sun "it's a shame" that Molly-Mae doesn't speak to anyone after spending the summer together.

She said: “No one really speaks to her. A lot of people are doing their own thing.

“I guess they're concentrating on their future and stuff which is really good and it's nice to see them doing really well.

“I guess it's such a shame we don't keep in touch as much as we all should."

Molly-Mae has spoken out and says she'd like 'women to stop tearing each other down'

She said in an interview with Marie Claire: "I would like women to stop tearing each other down and to support one another. It's so sad that there is so much negativity in this world that we live in and when jealousy comes in, it just causes people to speak negatively about others who they don't even know." Hmm, I wonder who she could be talking about. ?

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