Abusing Molly-Mae over nothing is not worth your desperate retweets

She’s literally done nothing wrong

Last night, one of the UK's biggest trends on Twitter was #MoneyMae. People were calling Molly-Mae a money grabber, posting pictures of her with dollar signs over her eyes and saying she wasn't genuine, with absolutely no evidence to back it up.

But Molly-Mae is not a hashtag, to be used for a couple of likes and a bit of short lived Twitter clout. She's a person. She's going to get out of the villa and see this. And the worst part is, the same people tweeting #MoneyMae will turn around and talk about mental health in the same breath.

She has done nothing to deserve this

Obviously no one deserves to be trolled, but Molly-Mae is particularly undeserving. She was nice to everyone on the show, hasn't treated anyone badly and more importantly: she did exactly what she was supposed to do. She came into the Love Island villa, found love and made it to the final. What about that is money grabbing?

Also, she could make £50k in a week on Instagram now she's out of the villa anyway – so she's hardly money grabbing, because she literally doesn't need to be.

Are people so desperate to get a few laughs that they put real people down for absolutely no reason?

It's easy to forget, but Love Islanders aren't fictional characters, they're real people

People tweet freely about the Islanders as if they're never going to see it, but they're all out of the villa now and have access to everything that's ever been said about them.

Two ex-Islanders died by suicide last year. One of them was branded with a relatively nasty nickname. We should never forget that.

And it's not just Molly-Mae who got trolled this year

This is not the first time online bullying happened during this series, much less in the wider history of Love Island.

Brutally rinsing the Islanders is now a regular staple in the Love Island hashtag on Twitter, and it's straight up mean. Harley's appearance was ruthlessly mocked, everyone made fun of Jordan's teeth and Anna was universally hated for what seems like no reason.

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I know what you're going to say – they're fair game. They signed up for it, they knew what they were getting into. But no one asks to be universally hated or have their appearance relentlessly critiqued.

It takes a second to tweet something, one tweet can start a trend and harsh words stay someone's head forever. It's completely unnecessary and we're all capable of enjoying the show without needing to drag the Islanders online, for them to stumble upon it when they get out.

We can't keep raising awareness about mental health and reality TV when we're the ones bullying the contestants for no reason.

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