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It’s not perfect, but TikTok has become a place for LGBT+ people to thrive

‘That’s the best thing about TikTok, you can be yourself’

AEPi claims fraternity members are victims of ‘cancel culture’ in new statement

They say they’re in danger of being tried by social media

Revisiting the CHERUB series: The most clapped books we read as kids

The amount of teen sex was just not okay

Compare: How strict are your uni’s halls being to control the spread of COVID-19?

Some are banning visitors, others are more lax

‘I have become so desensitised’: Molly-Mae claps back to even more online trolls

A commenter called her ‘shallow, vacuous and useless’

Every lie you tell yourself before second year that will obviously NEVER happen

‘wE’Ll DeCORaTe ThE garDEn wiTH faIRY LigHts’

Whatever happened to the forgotten members of Fifth Harmony?

Maybe they’re working from home lol

The definitive ranking of which male Pixar characters are actually fit

Stinky Pete is obvs packing

People are sharing the hilarious moments they realised they were gay and I feel seen

How was the Abercrombie & Fitch bag legal?

Brother of Love Island’s Alex George has died after a battle with mental health

He was described as ‘the kindest and most caring soul’

Young people are getting pushed out of summer part-time jobs

‘I’ve lost £600 in cut shifts’

Vote: Which was definitively the best performance on The X Factor?

I still stan Fleur East

Molly-Mae wore swimming costumes so paparazzi couldn’t get more photos of her body

‘They come on jet skis and you don’t see them’

Which of the 10 cringe LinkedIn grad personas are you? Take this quiz and find out

So long as I’m not the over-sharer I’m good

Students share the weirdest things that have happened to them on internships

‘My boss wrote me a shopping list every day’

Introducing: The 58 fresher personas you’ll encounter in September 2020

Stop making TikToks on nights out, I beg

Nicki Minaj is pregnant but Twitter has already given birth to 22 healthy memes

It’s a baby shower… of memes

Over 400 black students demand Warwick investigate the uni’s colonial ‘legacy’

Six Warwick societies collaborated on the demands

From Misha B to Diana Vickers: Where are X Factor’s most iconic finalists now?

Amelia Lily deserved better, imo

Finally there’s a TikTok trend you can do with your boyfriend without dancing

You’ll probably have to buy him a PS5 to get him to do it

Can you actually name more than five people who were on winter Love Island?

I don’t even know who the people in this picture are

Okay, but which Britney Spears song is your uni?

Oops! We’ve done it again

If you want to get over a boy, imagine him doing these 35 things and you will

3. Jumping up and down at a gig

Disney adults are the most terrifying people on the planet and they need to be stopped

A Mickey Mouse tattoo isn’t cute, it’s weird

Everyone is making jokes about TikTok being banned but should I panic?

Please don’t take away my baby

Glee cast members pay tribute to Naya Rivera following her death

Her body was identified by police last night

Oh boy, now TikTok girls are loudly sighing to get their boyfriends’ attention

At least they’re clothed now

These 20 memes will speak to you if you’re a snivelling little simp

Only residents of Simp Nation can look at these

Instagram to finally ban accounts that promote LGBT+ conversion therapy

200,000 people signed a petition calling for it to be made illegal

QUIZ: How much of a simp are you, really?

Get your girlfriend to take this quiz for you

A condensed explainer of all the drama going on in the TikTok Hype House

Sorry but who where why and what????

Seven very important questions I have for *that* James Charles singing video

Seriously who is asking for this??

The 10 cringe grads you’ll inevitably see on LinkedIn

Don’t post your diss grade on here – no one cares

Jess Glynne was denied entry to a restaurant, but these 17 memes sure weren’t!!!

Don’t turn up to Sexy Fish with these

Jess Glynne was denied entry to a restaurant, but these 17 memes sure weren’t

Don’t turn up to Sexy Fish with these

Only a master of Vine references can get full marks in this quiz

Hang on to your croissant

Who is Gabbie Hanna and why is everyone on TikTok rinsing her?

I have no idea what’s going on but these memes are 🔥🔥🔥

You can’t say you live in a uni house unless you own at least 30/58 of these things

God bless the holy Sports Direct mug

We tested Gen Z on classic 00s bangers to see if they recognised them

Busted did noooooot go down well

I’m going to create an environment so toxic with these 20 Sue Sylvester memes

This is the best thing to come out of Glee

Everything that happened at your tragic secondary school prom

Someone always ended up getting with someone else’s date

These 20 memes about the Shane Dawson drama will go nicely with all the tea

Don’t burn yourself on these memes, kids

Help, I’m still not over Paul Mescal

It’s been two months since Normal People what’s going on?

What’s the story behind the shredded cheese and fajitas meme on Twitter rn?

It’s the most Karen story you’ll ever hear

Which character from Avatar: The Last Airbender are you? Take this quiz to find out

Please just let me be Iroh

Leeds students’ landlord gifts them £50 each for being such lovely tenants

Lol you’re not even getting your deposit back mate

LGBT+ students share stories of queerphobia at uni

‘A guy threw drinks at me in the club while I was kissing my girlfriend’

BREAKING: Suspect shot following reports of mass stabbing in Glasgow city centre

Emergency services are on the scene

QUIZ: How much of a spoilt brat are you?

Let your mum take this on your behalf

Tributes paid to Aberdeen student after body found in search

He was described as ‘talented’ and ‘wonderful’

Bournemouth beach flooded with tourists on hottest day of the year

The beach was covered in litter the next day

Boycotting Spoons is actually the opposite of helpful. Sincerely, Spoons staff

‘If anything it would leave us with the gammons’

I’m out at university, but at home I’m in the closet

‘At uni, I can dress without judgement’

21 uses of *that* Chromatica transition that prove it’s the gift that keeps on giving

Please award the Gemma Collins one a BAFTA

What is the ‘don’t leave me take me with you’ challenge taking over TikTok?

Help me, I’m lost

Compose an Indian takeaway order and we’ll guess where you’re from

Question 8: Rice, chips, or both?

‘I’m finally living and being myself’: LGBT+ students on life after coming out

No two coming out stories are the same

Twitter is convinced Beethoven was actually black and the memes are exquisite

What is even going on anymore?

How to get the gender swap filter everyone’s going mad for on Twitter and Insta

I look so pretty!!!

Excuse me, why are Jedward sending personalised messages to people on Twitter?

This is peak 2020

Glee Cast ages: This is how old the actors were while they were in the show

Some of these ’16-year-old boys’ were actually nearly 30

The 64 most genuinely insane things that actually happened on The X Factor

Never forget Gamu-gate

‘I don’t have a racist bone in my body’: Tulisa responds to Misha B accusations

She said she regrets calling Misha out on live television

Girls on TikTok are now sending dirty texts to their bfs to film their reactions

Get. A. Room

Misha B speaks out about racism on The X Factor nine years on

She claims her interaction with Louis Walsh and Tulisa was ‘scripted’

Meet the Norwich fresher who recreated the entire UEA campus in Sims 4

She says it only took her two days

‘Midnight chats with the boys’: We found the Scouse lads from the Call of Duty videos

And yes we asked them about pegging

Just 21 memes about the new PS5 that looks like a WiFi router

I am scared of it, tbh

The celebs are at it again with another cringe video, this time about Black Lives Matter

Kesha I thought better of you

I got drunk and spent over £650 at McDonald’s after a night out

The kitchen couldn’t handle the order

‘First to spell n***** wins hangman’: Uni investigates housemates’ racist chat

One of the chat members said it was just ‘banter between two lads’

Glee’s Lea Michele accused of wanting to ‘s*** in the wig’ of co-star on the show

‘Remember when you made my first television gig a living hell?’

Police arrest teenagers for mocking George Floyd death in viral photo

It is being treated as a hate crime

If Animal Crossing characters went to British unis, this is where they’d go

Tom Nook would love it at LSE

32 things you could only hope to understand if you grew up in Birmingham

Long live old Snobs

If you can’t pass this test on the new lockdown rules you’re not allowed outside

Don’t be planning your BBQ just yet, buster

The Pride flag has been appropriated by the NHS. Queer people are allowed to be angry

There’s a nuance people are missing here

I went to pre-drinks at every uni in the country and this is how they all compare

Norwich will haunt me until my dying day

Vote: Which uni is categorically the fittest in the UK?

This is the only league table you need

Aberdeen Uni plans for virtual Freshers’ Week in September

It will at least be ‘partially online’

All the best reactions to Dominic Cummings’s car crash interview

hE wAS teSTiNG HiS eyEsIGht GUys!!!

Ranking celebrities on how lame their attempts to get popular on TikTok are

No prizes for guessing where Lewis Capaldi is on here

Genius TikTokers have invented a way to open bottles using just a butter knife

Tap the neck, tap the body, then chop

Online lectures ‘likely’ to continue at Edinburgh Uni for ‘some time to come’, VC warns

Small-group teaching will still continue

Let’s all bask in these 101 beautiful photos of Harry Styles

We are not worthy of this man

If you don’t put your shopping trolley back you’re an awful person, theory claims

It’s a pretty simple litmus test

‘If term one is online, I’ll defer’: Year 13s on the prospect of Freshers’ in lockdown

Incoming students are facing a socially distanced Freshers’. Will they go through with it?

Take this personality test and we’ll guess which kind of NHS clapper you are

Take up thine frying pan, knight of the clap

Live updates: The universities cancelling face-to-face lectures next year

Some have postponed Freshers’ weeks

Meet the student medics graduating early to join the NHS on the front line

‘It’s sad we won’t get to say goodbye to all our course mates’

Confirmed: All Manchester Uni lectures to be taught online in semester one

They are the first uni in the UK to confirm the move to online next year

Take this vitally necessary quiz to find out which Glee character you are

Pls just let me be Sue

Student writes ‘I do it for the girls and the gays’ in her diss acknowledgements

It’s a TikTok reference, in case you didn’t know

Everything we learned from the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode

They didn’t even interview David lmaoooooooo

There are 18 types of NHS clapper and I’m about to tell you which one you are

See you all tonight lads

You can now get paid £40 an hour to design homes on Animal Crossing

No, I am not joking

A brief history of everything tragic Olly Murs has ever done

A moment of silence for that poor poor Pringles tube

This video of a monkey on a bike dragging a girl is the wildest thing on Twitter rn

How is this real?

There are 11 personalities in every humanities seminar but which one are you?

Are you the silent one or the FIT silent one?

Britney burned down her home gym with candles and the memes are lit

Britney what are you like?

Students fined £800 for occupying uni building during strikes

A crowdfund has already raised the money to pay the fine