Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

Glee’s Lea Michele accused of wanting to ‘s*** in the wig’ of co-star on the show

‘Remember when you made my first television gig a living hell?’

Police arrest teenagers for mocking George Floyd death in viral photo

It is being treated as a hate crime

If Animal Crossing characters went to British unis, this is where they’d go

Tom Nook would love it at LSE

32 things you could only hope to understand if you grew up in Birmingham

Long live old Snobs

If you can’t pass this test on the new lockdown rules you’re not allowed outside

Don’t be planning your BBQ just yet, buster

The Pride flag has been appropriated by the NHS. Queer people are allowed to be angry

There’s a nuance people are missing here

I went to pre-drinks at every uni in the country and this is how they all compare

Norwich will haunt me until my dying day

Vote: Which uni is categorically the fittest in the UK?

This is the only league table you need

Aberdeen Uni plans for virtual Freshers’ Week in September

It will at least be ‘partially online’

All the best reactions to Dominic Cummings’s car crash interview

hE wAS teSTiNG HiS eyEsIGht GUys!!!

Ranking celebrities on how lame their attempts to get popular on TikTok are

No prizes for guessing where Lewis Capaldi is on here

Genius TikTokers have invented a way to open bottles using just a butter knife

Tap the neck, tap the body, then chop

Let’s all bask in these 101 beautiful photos of Harry Styles

We are not worthy of this man

If you don’t put your shopping trolley back you’re an awful person, theory claims

It’s a pretty simple litmus test

‘If term one is online, I’ll defer’: Year 13s on the prospect of Freshers’ in lockdown

Incoming students are facing a socially distanced Freshers’. Will they go through with it?

Take this personality test and we’ll guess which kind of NHS clapper you are

Take up thine frying pan, knight of the clap

Live updates: The universities cancelling face-to-face lectures next year

Some have postponed Freshers’ weeks

Meet the student medics graduating early to join the NHS on the front line

‘It’s sad we won’t get to say goodbye to all our course mates’

Confirmed: All Manchester Uni lectures to be taught online in semester one

They are the first uni in the UK to confirm the move to online next year

Take this vitally necessary quiz to find out which Glee character you are

Pls just let me be Sue

Student writes ‘I do it for the girls and the gays’ in her diss acknowledgements

It’s a TikTok reference, in case you didn’t know

Everything we learned from the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode

They didn’t even interview David lmaoooooooo

There are 18 types of NHS clapper and I’m about to tell you which one you are

See you all tonight lads

You can now get paid £40 an hour to design homes on Animal Crossing

No, I am not joking

A brief history of everything tragic Olly Murs has ever done

A moment of silence for that poor poor Pringles tube

This video of a monkey on a bike dragging a girl is the wildest thing on Twitter rn

How is this real?

There are 11 personalities in every humanities seminar but which one are you?

Are you the silent one or the FIT silent one?

Britney burned down her home gym with candles and the memes are lit

Britney what are you like?

Students fined £800 for occupying uni building during strikes

A crowdfund has already raised the money to pay the fine

Love Island could be cancelled ‘very soon’, warns ITV boss

He ruled out filming the show in Cornwall

Some genius has made a Spotify playlist of all the best TikTok mashups

Can’t wait to play this at pres in 2022

If you can’t get a B on this GCSE Physics test your education was a waste

Bet you can’t name even one of Newton’s laws, you idiot

Meet the teens leaving home to move into the UK’s first TikTok house

One of them dropped out of uni to move in

I dropped out of uni to become a full-time TikToker

‘I thought if I don’t take this opportunity now, it might not be there for me when I get back’

Oh Polly takes prize back from student nurse as she was on shift during event

The brand has since apologised and offered to send her the package

A study into why boys like Too Hot to Handle’s Harry are actually fit

You need to stop lying to yourself

Oxford Uni to begin human trials for new coronavirus vaccine this week

Tests are due to begin on Thursday

7,500 of you voted, and we can reveal no one cares about your 30 Day Song Challenge

Sorry pal

We need to accept facts: Too Hot to Handle is better than Love Island

There is no debate here

Update: Uni suspends policing students who made rape and voyeurism jokes in group chat

Derby University is launching a full investigation

Vote: These Instagram challenges are all bad, but which is definitively the worst?

Nobody asked for the 30 day song challenge to return

Policing students made child rape and voyeurism jokes in their group chat

They suggested one of them have sex with a student while the others hid and watched

All the evidence Mr Schue from Glee should have been locked up

His rapping was as unacceptable as his vests

Inside the Hype House: The LA mansion where all the biggest TikTokers live

IMAGINE getting to make TikToks non-stop every day

Quiz: Could you answer all of Charles Ingram’s original questions and win £1 million?

*Cough* *cough*

Introducing: The 25 types of people you’ll find on TikTok

Why are there so many teenagers making sex faces?

These 21 memes hit different if you’ve tested positive for missing the homies

Can’t wait to cuddle when we get out of lockdown

Supermarket workers tell us the maddest things they’ve seen during the pandemic

‘A shoplifter tried to use the 2m distancing rule to keep people away from him while he walked out’

The best memes about Ed Miliband’s return to the shadow cabinet for the Milistans

Surprise, bitch. Bet you thought you saw the last of me

Tell us how you play Animal Crossing and we’ll tell you how successful you’ll be

Do you have Tom Nook’s drive or not?

The full story behind the Australian TikTok everyone’s going mad for rn

‘I will not be lectured about misogyny by this man’

Here’s how we mugged you off for April Fools’ at universities all over the UK

As if Exeter would revoke Katie Hopkins’ degree

Houseparty is offering $1 million to whoever uncovers evidence of hacking claims

That’s enough to pay people to play Houseparty with you!

Houseparty says there’s ‘no evidence’ to suggest the app is to blame for data leaks

They’ve said users should pick strong passwords

Can someone explain why couples on TikTok are flashing each other for clout?

Habs I thought you were better than this

Which of the 10 lockdown personas are you? Take this quiz and find out

Not the TikToker… anyone but the TikToker

There are 11 lockdown personalities and I’m about to tell you which one you are

This is your future

We spoke to the guy behind the fake property shows going massive on TikTok

His student DJ impression is also pretty spot-on

PornHub Premium is being made free for a month to encourage you to stay home

I’m just going to leave this here

British Medicine students on electives trapped in Tonga in COVID-19 pandemic

We spent thousands of pounds arranging flights

These 25 memes about the new Animal Crossing are almost as good as going outside

Who is this Tom Nook and why does he control my LIFE??

SU president pictured dressed up as Holocaust victim at house party

In an Instagram post he said: ‘In dire need of a shower after last night’s social’

How to get on the TikTok for you page: A step-by-step guide

What else are you going to do in quarantine?

Meet the Exeter second year hand-delivering care packages to self-isolating students

He is the hero we need, not the one we deserve

Boris Johnson orders all UK pubs, clubs and gyms to close tonight

Restaurants will still be allowed to offer takeaway services

Manchester Uni cancels all summer on-campus exams due to COVID-19

Progress will instead be evaluated ‘across the year’

UEA is developing a COVID-19 testing kit that could be available ‘in weeks’

It takes just 50 minutes from sample to result

21 memes about Gal Gadot’s cringe Imagine video to see you through quarantine

No, we did not collectively hallucinate this

Glasgow University cancels first and second year exams due to COVID-19

There will be a small number of exceptions

Attackers shout ‘coronavirus’ at Chinese Glasgow student before ripping his clothes

Police are investigating the incident

Liverpool Uni student tests positive for COVID-19

Staff were informed by email

Bournemouth SU Summer Ball cancelled due to COVID-19

Organisers said it was ‘no longer viable’ to keep planning the event

These 32 self-isolation memes will make quarantine a little bit more bearable

Realistically what else are you going to do?

COVID-19: Manchester SU cancels gigs, club nights, and graduation ball

The SU building will remain open, although this is subject to change

Manchester Uni closes all buildings and cancels classes due to COVID-19

Halls of residence will remain open

Warwick University cancels all classes and exams due to COVID-19

Exams will be replaced with ‘alternate assessments’

Glasgow cancels offer-holders’ day after three confirmed Covid-19 cases

It is unknown whether the three are staff or students

If you can’t get 8/12 on this coronavirus quiz you should probably self-isolate right now

Wash your hands for 20 seconds before you take this

Urban Outfitters closes all stores because of coronavirus

If you listen closely you can hear the hearts of millions of VSCO girls breaking

All UEA teaching to be moved online from Monday

The University will remain open

A St Andrews student has tested positive for coronavirus

They are self-isolating after returning from Switzerland

Glasgow rugby Varsity called off three hours before kick-off

‘There’s no-one more disappointed than our boys’

100 Warwick Business students set to boycott exam tomorrow because of coronavirus

‘We are trying to talk sense into the university that is all’

‘Someone did a line at 2pm’: The wildest things ever spotted in a lecture

niNe GRanD fOr THis?!?!

This is what it’s actually like to self-isolate at uni because of coronavirus

Takeaways have to be dropped at the doorstep

Uni launches investigation after lecturer kicks student out for being late

‘Sorry you’re too late. You can go out and come back in later’

Stirling occupiers are suing the uni for threatening to kick them out of accommodation

Their lawyers say the Uni acted ‘unlawfully’

Once and for all: Which uni degree is the lamest of all time?

It’s Classics, isn’t it?

Which British universities should the 2020 Love Islanders have gone to?

Finley is Nottingham through and through

SKUM promises to be more inclusive and tackle ‘damaging behaviours’ following investigation

‘We agree there has been some unacceptable behaviour in the club’

Last night’s episode of Love Island was a mistake and should not have happened

Two days away wasn’t long enough

UoM student asked Calvin Harris if she could pin his d*ckpic to her fridge, and he replied

She then left him on read, savage

German-speakers reveal what’s actually being said in *that* weird TikTok


These moments from Netflix’s The Stranger prove it’s actually really stupid

Don’t even get me started on the theme song

MMU student with ‘fixation’ on diet died after being hit by a train, inquest hears

His diet consisted of mashed-up greens and fruits

Relive last night’s drama with these 69 Casa Amor recoupling memes


Surprise! Jameela Jamil’s messed up again, here’s everything you need to know

People are NOT happy with her

Assembly cancels event ‘out of respect’ for Coventry student who died on Friday

The event was due to take place on Friday

Edinburgh Uni security kicks farmers out of debate over the sale of beef on campus

17 of them showed up, but the venue was at max capacity