Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

42’s bouncer sacked for saying student ‘too ugly to worry about getting raped’

The club has apologised ‘wholeheartedly’ for the bouncer’s remarks

‘He believed in redemption, not revenge’: Tributes to London Bridge victims

They were both Cambridge graduates

23-year-old Cambridge grad named as second London Bridge victim

She was described as ‘funny and kind’

It’s time to admit Jack Whitehall isn’t funny and never was

POo, WEe aND waNkIng? HAhahHah

BREAKING: Police have shot someone on London Bridge

A lorry is blocking the carriageway

James Haskell was suspended from college for filming a 17-year-old having sex

He set up a secret camera in a cupboard to do it

UoM agrees to review fossil fuel investment after students threaten hunger strike

The university currently invests £12 million in fossil fuels

The votes are in: Durham is officially the lamest uni in the country

Please clap

Introducing The Holy Trinity of Unis: The three fittest unis in the country

Jesus died on the cross for these three unis

Glasgow students criticise police for keeping quiet about sex attacks

A series of sexual assaults weren’t reported until weeks later

Speaker at GURFC anniversary event joked about ‘ugly lesbians giving birth’

The speakers have since apologised

Fire brigade called after Solent student blows up fridge trying to de-ice it

‘We heard sizzling and smelt gas then it exploded’

VOTE: Which uni is undeniably the lamest of them all?

Let’s face it it’s probably York

GURFC apologises for ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ remarks made at anniversary event

The clubs say they were ‘shocked and appalled’

Glasgow Uni to increase security following reports of sexual assault

There have been four assaults near the West End

Glasgow ‘providing guidance’ to get students back safely from Hong Kong

There are 19 Glasgow students on exchange in Hong Kong

These 26 memes about the new Sonic movie prove anyone can have a glow-up

Gotta go fast

A brief history of everything tragic James Arthur has ever done

Remember when he was dropped for being a homophobe lmaoooo

I ate at every iconic uni takeaway in the UK to see which is truly the best

Glasgow doner meat was *not* a vibe

This Robert Dyas Christmas advert is going viral and I have MANY questions

Firstly, are they serious?