Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

This is how to Naruto run, so you can dodge bullets as you storm Area 51

tHEy caN’T CAtcH uS NOw

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Summer isn’t over MUM

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And I oop-

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Love Island Gossip Column: Belle breaks silence after Anton split??! Plus Yewande and Molly-Mae’s feud

Why does everyone hate Molly-Mae????

Flume has responded to the video of him eating ass and it’s just wow

We stan a legend 🍑 👅💦

There’s a video going round of Flume eating ass on stage at a festival

You NEED to see it

Love Island Gossip Column: Jourdan forced to delete an Instagram post!?? Plus Belle snubs Molly-Mae

Ovie’s a model now: We stan

I’m sorry to break this to you but Ross from Friends is a sexist homophobe

We’re meant to find it funny??

We’ve made an interactive map of the cheapest pints in the UK

You’re welcome

Fast fashion is worse for the environment than driving, according to research

Driving around the world six times produces less CO2

Unable to do basic life admin? Congratulations, you have Errand Paralysis

Your ASOS will packages will remain unposted FOREVER

Josh Denzel accused of mocking Theo Campbell’s blindness on Twitter

Kaz said Josh later DM’d them with a ‘sob story’

What’s the most messed up children’s book? A nationwide vote once and for all

The Hungry Caterpillar is NOT a role model, imo