Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

Tuition fees for science subjects might be rising to £13,500 a year

Fees for arts degrees could drop to £6,500

Sultan of Brunei returns honorary degree from Oxford over gay death penalty

This is the second honorary degree he has lost

The James Charles scandal was built on homophobia and we just let it happen

Zara Larsson wading in was peak straight privilege

Tati has uploaded ANOTHER video about James Charles

She wants people to stop hating him

People are destroying their James Charles palettes after he got cancelled

BYE sister x

JLS’s Oritse is on trial for allegedly raping a fan – the evidence given so far

The alleged rape happened in his hotel room after a concert

Here’s why James Charles has lost 2 million YouTube subscribers in a weekend

It all kicked off from an Instagram post

King’s College London spent over £16,000 on the Queen’s visit

On that day, specific students had their ID cards deactivated

KCL congratulated themselves for a 64-like tweet in the middle of the Brunei degree scandal

They said the likes were ‘a good sign’

It’s official: Georgia Steel has done the most tragic sponsored Instagram post EVER

This is worse than when Niall did Harry Potter World

A car has flipped upside-down on Cowley Road

Passers-by helped the driver out of the car

Love Island’s Alex now sells porn of himself and it costs less than a tenner

There’s a three minute video of him using anal toys

These are all the books we read growing up and they are WEIRD

CHERUB was basically smut for kids

Guilty of any of these 26 things? Congratulations, you’re the flat dirtbag

Bin full? Just push it down a bit

Who is Robin Boardman-Pattinson? Bristol grad and face of Extinction Rebellion

He stormed out of a Sky News interview yesterday

Aberdeen University revokes Sultan of Brunei’s degree over gay death penalty

The discussion came after he made it legal to stone gay men in Brunei to death

Dear Game of Thrones fans, do us all a favour and shut up

They make Harry Potter fans look casual

The 25 boys you will inevitably sleep with before turning 25

Dear God pls just don’t sleep with your ex

Which iconic Mario Kart track is your uni?

We’ve included three different Rainbow Roads, dw

It’s official: This is the fittest uni girl in the UK right now

Over 7,000 of you voted