Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

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Remember when he was dropped for being a homophobe lmaoooo

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Firstly, are they serious?

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ThE gAYs HaVE a WHolE MONth

Stormzy calls Jacob Rees-Mogg a ‘piece of sh*t’ after his Grenfell comments

Rees-Mogg suggested the Grenfell victims should have had more ‘common sense’

A video is going round of someone getting ‘fully fingered’ in Atik

It is *quite* something

These are the 101 best TikToks to fill the Vine-shaped hole in your heart

These people are geniuses

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Police and volunteers are searching for Amelia Bambridge

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The split is said to have been ‘amicable’

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Help me I don’t understand

‘I wish I’d never uploaded it’: The iconic Tesco girl finally settles the score

She says she’s ‘actually really nice and really cool’

52 students banned from sports teams amid sexual harassment allegations

The alleged incidents happened on tour in Croatia

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Why do they all go to an escape room to make out?

This is how to Naruto run, so you can dodge bullets as you storm Area 51

tHEy caN’T CAtcH uS NOw

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I too remember my first beer

Love Island USA is coming to ITV next week

Summer isn’t over MUM

Tributes paid to Edinburgh student who died at a house party

He was described as ‘the kindest, most loving person that anyone could ever meet’

A video’s going round of Shawn Mendes kissing Camilla Cabello and MY EYES

Straight people must be stopped

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They make great boyfriends if you love PDA