Tom Haynes
Assistant Editor

It’s time to stop singing along to Ignition on nights out

It doesn’t matter if it’s a banger

The pill gave me a blood clot and nearly killed me

This Exeter Law grad collapsed from the effects

Get hyped: These are all the Greggs where you can buy the vegan sausage roll from today

We’ve sorted them so you don’t have to

Right, this is how you sneakily read a WhatsApp group message without people knowing

You need to use 3D touch, obviously

Say hello to Barney Walsh, the 21-year-old son of TV legend Bradley Walsh

His Insta is the 2019 thirst-trap we deserve

This is who you are in life, based on who you were in your Nativity play

The angels all got Fiat 500s for their 17th birthdays

Who is Ruby Granger? The Exeter fresher YouTuber with 283,000 subscribers

She does 15 hour study days

Dear straight people, stop singing the word ‘faggot’ in Fairytale of New York

You wouldn’t sing the N-word

The Tab Exeter needs new writers: Come join us!

We need someone to run the gram too

St Chad’s strips Stephen Pax Leonard of Fellowship after his racist tweets were exposed

Durham said his views were ‘objectionable and ill-judged’

Nominations for Belfast’s Maddest Fresher are OPEN!

Do you know a #legend?

Update: Georgia sent SELFIES of her in bed with her ex to friends

Sam literally called her ‘not loyal’

The rugby team that was suspended over the Miners vs Thatchers social is being reinstated

They’ve been working with East Durham Trust

These King’s students are trying to travel around Europe in black tie for FREE

All they’re bringing is a few tinnies

Student sends racist Tinder messages to black student asking if she’s ‘dressed as King Kong or Harambe’

He also said: ‘Please don’t lynch me’

Exclusive: KCL Jewish Soc President harassed LGBT student at work and wrote homophobic insults for her to find in a bin

He left them in a pizza box

Revealed: Principal Ed Byrne claimed ‘cork mats to protect the Principal’s meeting table’ and much more on expenses

Wait till you see how much he spent on flowers

Breaking: Reports of ambulance called at SOAS strike after a lecturer attacked at protest

The lecturer’s knees were dislocated

The King’s Varsity Rugby boys are HERE and UCL better watch the fuck out

We’ve included their instas – you’re welcome

These King’s Muay Thai fighters are ready to kick UCL in the throat this Varsity

They protec and they attac