Rachel Evans

Crowds gather in Liverpool City Centre for anti-mask protest

Chants heard today include ‘save our rights’ and ‘they cannot control us’

Liverpool to go into strictest tier of new lockdown system

Pubs, bars, gyms are all expected to close for six months

Liverpool City Region is seeing 1,000 daily positive COVID cases

Cases have doubled in less than two weeks

UoL courses to be taught online for rest of October

The Vice-Chancellor confirmed this in an email today

The Liverpool Tab is recruiting new writers and we want YOU!

Attend our virtual open Zoom meeting on Monday 12th October

Liverpool is just ‘days away’ from a two-week circuit-breaker local lockdown

And the mayor is calling to ban alcohol sales after 9 pm

Liverpool John Moores and Hope move more courses online due to rising Covid cases

UCU regional official asks to ‘halt unnecessary in-person teaching’

There were 87 new positive cases of coronavirus at Liverpool Uni last week

‘This is before term has even started and campus is quiet’

QUIZ: Decorate your uni room and we’ll tell you what type of housemate you are

Your tapestry makes you the annoying indie one that everyone secretly hates, sorry

LOST is coming back to Liverpool!

They’re hosting an event next Sunday

QUIZ: Order a Nando’s and we’ll guess your type

If you order plain chicken you 100 per cent dig needy people

You can get fined £3,200 for not wearing a mask on campus

The same goes for hosting or attending a gathering

QUIZ: Make a Tinder profile and we’ll guess what uni you go to

That bio is sooo Durham

Ireland took down a Tampax advert and people are fuming

The advert was telling people how use one correctly

Nottingham unis to spend £60,000 shutting down student parties

Students will face disciplinary action if they break social distancing rules

Fans convinced Britney’s using TikTok to say she’s held hostage and evidence is growing

Her outfit seems to change depending on fans’ comment

Amber Gill was originally meant to come on Love Island later as a bombshell

Her contract changed days before she entered the villa

A serious investigation into whether Paul Mescal is actually dating Phoebe Bridgers

Siri, play ‘That Should Be Me’

This is how you find which restaurants are taking part in ‘eat out to help out’

You can see ALL of them within 2km

Ex Cardiff student and Boohoo CEO’s son died of morphine overdose, inquest hears

He was found unresponsive at his home in Kent

How to tell if you’re actually just his ‘foster girlfriend’

Your ex just found ‘the one’ didn’t he?

Student swallowed nos canister for a dare and had to have it surgically removed

Surgeons feared it might explode inside him

The Raz is re-opening today this is NOT a drill

Ugh ruin my shoes and drip sweat on me already

Anyone got an extinguisher? Because heat two of Smithdown’s Spiciest is on FIRE

Brb getting a fan to cope with this heat

These are the pubs and bars opening in Liverpool today

Baltic darling I have missed you so

LJMU student was diagnosed with rare neurological disorder after thinking she had a hangover

‘I was in so much pain but I couldn’t scream – it was horrifying’

Naked Attraction is looking for a Liverpool student to appear on the show

Can’t disappoint the parents any more so why not?!

UoL agrees to rename Gladstone Halls following petition

The petition got over 1,000 signatures in 24 hours

Edge Hill Uni admits it reused 2019 epilepsy awareness stock photo for BLM post

‘The clouds are literally in the same position in both photographs’

‘It was very powerful’: Thousands gather for Liverpool’s BLM protests

Organisers gave protestors masks and water

UoL Class of 2020 have graduation ceremony rescheduled to summer 2021

The delayed event will be on-campus, Liverpool has confirmed

UoL students who left China in January still haven’t got their belongings back

‘I’m still waiting for my iPad and my whole wardrobe’

Grab a glass of water, because heat one of Smithdown’s Spiciest is hot af

Something other than your ceiling to stare at today

UoL student hospitalised after mistaking COVID-19 for fatigue from ‘too many squats’

‘I thought I’d just overdone the squats’

Nominations for the Hottest Smithdown Spice are NOW OPEN!

Because what else are you meant to drool over now everything’s shut?

Student called back from Year Abroad had business class flight paid for by the uni

‘When the hostess came up to me and said ‘Champagne sir?’ I knew I’d made it’

Let the Lover see the Pool: The Liverpool Tab Cupid Returns

Time to bin Tinder and begin love

We ranked all the best places to shag on campus, based on your stories

Need a cheaper library break than a Tesco run?

Phil Mitchell from Eastenders is coming to a Liverpool student night!

Will he prefer Concert Square over Albert Square??

24 Kitchen Street has announced it could be closing down

Feel like pure shit just want her back (if she goes) x

Mum says daughter will go to ‘Bristol instead’ after picket line controversy

Her mum said her daughter ‘would not even consider’ UoL

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague is coming to Level!!!

But WHO will be looking after Elly Belly on the 7th December?

21 disasters that will inevitably happen on a night out in the Raz

Do you REALLY need another Raz hat???

The lad who got the bloke from Nabzy’s on his bank card has now got a Nabzy’s TATTOO

If our love doesn’t match this then I don’t want it

The stressful, exciting and overall painful emotional stages leading up to your year abroad

More like NObility online!

Love Island’s Michael is a Liverpool grad and a former Empire barman

He trains 20 minutes from Smithdown

Stories of the soldiers who approached their SJ library crush

So there really is hope!

Here’s the starter packs for each University of Liverpool halls

I guess you really are what you live in

Liverpool’s streets close for #YouthStrike4Climate protests

The only occasion a bus diversion didn’t piss me off

Which pancake topping is your University of Liverpool halls?

I’ll pass on Carnatic thanks x

Here’s the best places you can cry on-campus on results day

Crying in the toilets is so 2018

Revealed: These were the most popular undergraduate courses for 2018/19 applicants

Shock! It’s not Law

Liverpool Uni accused of racism for only translating ‘cheating’ into Chinese in email to all international students

The university have since issued an apology

University of Liverpool students have spotted a MOUSE in the Sydney Jones Library

Oh no yet another reason to not go to the library

Which Meal Deal combo is your University of Liverpool Halls?

Shotgun BLT

Here are some of Liverpool students’ most embarrassing Tinder date stories to cheer you up

Some of these are wild

The 10 Commandments every University of Liverpool student must follow

Watch and learn, Freshers.

Here are the warning signs your new university flatmates are complete and utter twats

Ah, university: Alcohol, lectures, and snakes.

Which 2018 Love Island Contestant Is Your University of Liverpool Halls?

Every contestant is fit, but are they Carnatic fit?

Irish people are the best people to date. Fact.

Move over cheap drinks and everything covered in gravy – this is the real bonus for moving up north for uni

Why nights out when you lived in University Halls were the best

Uber surge prices can fuck right off

The battle of the cheap drinks: The Font vs The Sphinx

Is your on-campus preference a matter of taste or intelligence?

Liverpool club stories with happy endings to brighten up your day

Miracles on Seel Street

Things you’ll only understand if you had a sheltered upbringing

Urban Dictionary is fundamental to university life.

New Years’ Resolutions Every Liverpool Student Needs To Make

New Year, New Me *Yawn*

Your trustworthy guide to understanding the Scouse language

You divvy, you goosed a scally in the ozzy????

We asked University of Liverpool Freshers about their biggest regrets during Freshers

Shagging your flatmate probably wasn’t a good idea

Why Melville Grove is the most underrated accommodation

Vine court is old news