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Harry Ainsworth


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nobody's gonna know, tiktok audio

‘Nobody’s gonna know’: Where did the viral TikTok audio come from?

How would they know?

‘Hello my name is Zuzie’: How do I do the latest hyped TikTok trend?

The animal ones are the best

Controversial YouTuber Steven Crowder has been banned from TikTok

He had nearly 60,000 followers

‘No one should be treated like this’: Celebs react to Britney Spears’ court hearing

Several celebrities have spoken out

TikTok world records: These are the TikTokers breaking records with their videos

BTS hit one million followers in just three hours

‘Leave Acrello alone’: Who is TikTok’s Acrello and why should we leave him alone?

I cannot escape this comment

QUIZ: How well do you remember Rihanna’s most iconic lyrics?

We found love in a hopeless place 😩

‘Jayus has made a strong effort to find me’: OnlyJayus petition founder speaks out

The petition is nearly on 350,000 signatures

QUIZ: Can you guess the TikTok star from their most famous video?

Is that Billie Eilish?

A petition to ban OnlyJayus from TikTok has been signed over 110,000 times

She currently has 13.5 million followers

QUIZ: Answer these 11 questions and we’ll tell you which dog breed you are

Manifesting golden retriever vibes x

Meet Joshua Haynesworth-Polen, Casey Frey’s new boyfriend

He’s a barber from LA

‘ONG’ explained: What is the strange phrase that everyone is using on TikTok?

Even the paparazzi team Bryce ONG

Explained: How to find out who is behind a fake Instagram account

Who is my mystery stalker?

Matthew Tyler Vorce: Who is Billie Eilish’s actor boyfriend?

He is 29 years old

‘I won’t pull an R Kelly’: TikTokers are collecting receipts on Machine Gun Kelly

‘I wish 13/14/15-year-old girls weren’t allowed to be so hot’

Only an Eilish addict will score full marks in this Billie Eilish lyrics quiz

This quiz is everything I wanted

The true story behind the scared hamster meme is actually kinda sad

The hamster was genuinely scared

QUIZ: Venture into the thick of it with this Backyardigans lyrics quiz

International super spies only ❌

Venture into the thick of it with this Backyardigans lyrics quiz

International super spies only ❌

Wait, so did Trisha Paytas and Quentin Tarantino actually date?

There are several photos of them together

Jenna Marbles to Marina Joyce: Where are the forgotten YouTubers of the 2010s?

FPSRussia went to prison

TikTok’s Joshua ‘Worldoftshirts’ Block apologises for stamping repeatedly on a fish

‘It was a very terrible thing I did’

QUIZ: Only a true TikTok nerd will get full marks in this TikTok slang quiz

POV: You got caught in 4K being cheugy with Candice

Teen from ‘Charlie bit my finger’ is using NFT proceeds to go to London uni

The video sold for £538,000

Who is Joshua ‘Worldoftshirts’ Block and why is he so obsessed with New York?

He is followed by Dixie D’Amelio

A timeline: Tana Mongeau’s rise from YouTube storytimer to A-list wannabe

Must be tiring doing all that social climbing

From Addison Rae to Bella Poarch: Meet the siblings of your favourite TikTokers

Bryce Hall being an only child explains so much

Bo Burnham: From YouTuber to star of Netflix’s ‘claustrophobic masterpiece’ Inside

He started on YouTube back in 2006

Hasbulla Magomedov: Who is the 18-year-old ‘Mini Khabib’ I keep seeing on TikTok?

He is three foot tall

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic documentary maker you are

I’ll take Louis any day

QUIZ: Can you guess the capital city from the Google Maps screenshot?

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The ‘pick me’ girl explained: Who is she and how do I know if I’m one?

I’m a girl who likes skateboarding and eating food haha 😜

Louis Theroux’s cousin to Tina from S Club 7: The dating history of the Friends cast

Chandler and Janis from Mean Girls!?

QUIZ: How far would you get in Netflix’s Army of the Dead?

Would you make it to the helicopter?

How far would you get in Netflix’s Army of the Dead?

Would you make it to the helicopter?

The full cast of Netflix’s Army of the Dead and where you recognise them from

Mikey was in Atypical

Below Deck: Who is straight-talking chief stew Kate Chastain and where is she now?

She is still friends with Chef Ben!

Let them eat cake with these 23 hilarious ‘Versailles run’ TikToks

The dog ones are the best by far

How to use the 3D photo effect that TikTokers are using to elevate their Insta game

Big vibes only

What does ‘chupapi muñañyo’ mean and why it is such a popular phrase on TikTok?


Who is Deez and why is everyone on TikTok joking about him rn?

Apparently he has ligma 😐

Only a true Belieber will score full marks in this classic Justin Bieber lyrics quiz

Keep an eye out for Selenerrrr

HODL, bull market and nine other crypto-related phrases explained

What is a market cap? 🧢

Where are the kids from these iconic viral YouTube videos now?

Sophia Grace and Rosie still sing

Debunked: Does your iPhone really take photos of your face every five seconds?

A viral TikTok seems to suggest so

How to use the AI rap generator that everyone is using on TikTok rn

The Kanye one is actually good

Only a massive TikTok nerd will score full marks in this TikTok lyrics quiz

What you know about rollin’ down in the deep?

Everything we know about Sofia Juarez, the missing child thought to be in this TikTok

Sofia disappeared in 2003

Timeline: FouseyTube’s rise and fall as YouTube’s troubled prankster

He has been on YouTube for over 10 years

‘Have you seen the state of her body’: Meet ArrDee, the guy behind TikTok’s viral hit

TikTok tunes clearly pay the bills

Explained: How to use the GTA filter that’s all over TikTok right now

San Andreas flashbacks

Explained: What is the TikTok Spongebob cult and how did it start?

Long live the Spongebob cult

‘I had £7,500 in profit’: Meet the young people getting minted from Dogecoin

‘Unless I can buy several Ferraris, I am not selling’

I tried TikTok’s mugwort tea to see if it would enhance dreams and reduce anxiety

It supposedly has hallucinogenic properties

The high guy from *that* meme has finally come forward after 10 years

He met his girlfriend through the meme

Apparently this Instagram story disables your iPhone so I tried it for myself

RIP phone

Who is Candice and why is she getting memed so hard on TikTok rn?


Are you Alpha, Beta or Omega? Take the TikTok Omegaverse quiz to find out

I’m beta than u

QUIZ: Get ogre here and complete these iconic Shrek quotes

Shrektacular 🧅

Netflix releases *another* cryptic trailer for Stranger Things season four

And it’s just as creepy as the last

Ethereum: What is it, how do I buy it and will Ethereum make me rich?

One ETH is currently worth around £2500

TikToker horrifies the internet by eating large chunks of raw chicken

Apparently she has ‘always done it’

What is the TikTok weight loss dance and does it actually work?

Is it true or rubbish?

Debunked: What is Gua Sha and does it actually give you a cutting jawline?

Spoiler alert: Sort of

TikTok photo editing trick: A step by step guide on how to do it for yourself

Goodbye VSCO

What does ‘sussy baka’ mean and why does everyone on TikTok say it?

Ur such a sussy baka 🥺

Only a Shrek fanatic will get full marks in this bumper Shrek trivia quiz

And we’re talking all four films

QUIZ: Are you more Ned Schneebly or Dewey Finn from School of Rock?

The power of the rent was way hardcore

What is the Josh fight meme that is due to take place on April 24th?

Grab a Josh immediately

People are just finding out that ‘Ray Ban’ isn’t actually a sunglasses designer

Ray-Ban… they ban rays…

How to buy Dogecoin in the UK: A step by step guide for beginners

Will it hit a dollar?

‘I got really short of breath’: What it’s like getting a blood clot from the pill

‘The experience made me wary of the combined pill’

We asked women about times male friends and family members made them feel unsafe

‘Women have to constantly prioritise their safety which many men can’t comprehend’

Ranked: These are the 13 most expensive NFT purchases of all time

They’re all above one million dollars, obviously

What is AAVE and which words are non-black people being asked to avoid?

It stands for African American Vernacular English

QUIZ: Can you guess these celebrities with the ‘Big Face’ filter applied?

Harder than it seems!

Tom Hank’s son Chet just dropped a bizarre rap video full of twerking and weed

What did Tom and Rita do to deserve this

This TikToker discovered a quick hack that saves BIG money on Uber rides

If only we knew this sooner

Everything Ollie Ball and Jacob have been up to since their viral TikTok fame

Ollie Ball has a merch line

How to get the ‘Big Face’ filter that everyone’s using on TikTok atm

More fun than it should be

National Rail changes entire booking site grey out of respect for Prince Philip

But even staff admit they’re finding it hard to use

YouTuber Steven Crowder recreates the death of George Floyd for his channel

‘I know some of you are going to say it’s distasteful’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Monsters Inc character you are

I’m watching you, Wazowski

The girl behind the ‘video that lives in your head rent free’ TikTok earned just $700

The video has 15.9 million views

The 10 Count drinking game gets you and your mates smashed in less than 10 minutes

This looks so much fun

Ranked: These are the most forgettable X Factor judges of all time

Forgot all about Nick Grimshaw

Only a diehard Swifty will score 15/15 in this Taylor Swift lyrics quiz

Nice to meet you, where you been?

The TikTok mushroom illusion simulates a psychedelic experience and it’s seriously trippy

My wall is BREATHING

TikToker Nosebleedfitz donated £20,000 by fans for gender reassignment surgery

One anonymous donor gave £7,500

Chocolate Wotsits to Dove Island: The lamest attempts at April Fools’ Day 2021

Dec and Ant? Really?

Below Deck: What happened to deckhand Danny Zureikat after the show?

Yes, that is Kendrick Lamar

QUIZ: Which crewmate from Below Deck Mediterranean are you?

Anything but Bobby

‘I’m no longer derailed by anxiety’: We spoke to the students microdosing through uni

‘My mood has massively lifted’

Only true rockers will stick it to the man with this School of Rock lyrics quiz

Baby we were makin’ straight A’s 🎶

Who is Ollie Ball and why is everyone on TikTok obsessed with him rn?

It’s Ollie Ball here

We asked young people to send us their dramatic lockdown transformations

And then proceeded to rinse them

This harrowing video of Scooby Doo without CGI is seriously freaking people out

My childhood is ruined forever

What is the strange arm gesture that everyone is doing on TikTok right now?

I can’t stop doing it help

From Dispo collapsing to 200k subs lost: The fallout from David Dobrik’s cancelling

Several brands have cut ties with him

Why did Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek go to prison in 2011?

His bond was set at $61,000