Harry Ainsworth

Sorry, but Zac Efron’s new Netflix show is anything but rad

I can’t hear “stoked” again

What is the entanglement meme and why is everyone rinsing Jada Smith over it?

Feel bad for Will

QUIZ: Can you guess the Netflix series from the character outfit alone?

Netflix experts only 😤

Kerry Mucklowe from This Country is appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox tonight


Nottingham Trent grad awarded £15k after boss told her to wear more makeup at work

She looked ‘unpresentable’

Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which Shrek character you are


QUIZ: Can you guess the cartoon from the obscure character?

Hint – he lives in a pineapple

From Tinchy Stryder to Taio Cruz: Where are the forgotten artists of the noughties now?

Akon is building ‘Akon City’

Only a true Shrekspert will get full marks in this Shrek 2 trivia quiz

The Shreckoning

Okay, for real now: Where is Paolo Nutini and why haven’t we heard from him?

We NEED you

I am breaking my silence with these 13 Tati Westbrook memes

None. None. None.

Allergic reactions and strokes: The risks of doing poppers

Know the risks

I can’t be the only person on this planet who finds Will Ferrell painfully unfunny

The Catalina Wine Mixer haha 😜😜😜

Investigation: Can you undo an accidental Instagram photo like and get away with it?


A considered ranking of the best songs from Netflix’s Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

You know where this is going

We asked people who have sneaked into festivals exactly how they did it

It’s not just the wristband trick

Demonetisation and 900k subscribers lost: The fall out from Shane Dawson’s cancelling

His palette has been dropped

This genius grow-your-own garlic trick makes chopping a thing of the past

Take off your cloves 🧄

QUIZ: Can you guess the CBBC show from the filming location?

Harder than it sounds

Blackface and anti-Semitism: All the times YouTube’s Shane Dawson messed up

It’s not looking good

QUIZ: Which character from Spongebob Squarepants are you?

Anything but Squidward

QUIZ: Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you exactly how edgy you really are

‘I just prefer Tame Impala’s earlier work’

This Facebook group is dedicated to rinsing boomers struggling with technology

I;m thinking about thos Beans,,,

QUIZ: Can you guess the teen film/series from its supporting cast members?

NOT as easy as it would seem

Brooklyn 99 has scrapped the end of season eight in support of Black Lives Matter

‘We have to start over’

Only a true swamp-dwelling ogre will get full marks in this Shrek quiz

Calling all Shrek heads

Stop whatever you’re doing: Netflix is releasing a sequel to Chicken Run

It could be with us next year

Even a superfan won’t get full marks on this One Tree Hill trivia quiz

[Insert basketball pun]

The Sinner ending explained: How did it all end with Jamie and Harry Ambrose?

An ENTIRE rollercoaster ride

Remember the Cortez Family from Spy Kids? Here’s what they’re all up to now

Juni is married to Meghan Trainor?!

Here are some massive age gaps between actors and their characters in teen dramas

Finn Hudson was one MATURE student

Good news, everyone: Only a true Futurama fanatic will get full marks in this trivia quiz

And that’s on Omicron Persei 8 😩

43 CBBC memes that hit VERY different if you existed for after school TV

Plenty of Beaker here

QUIZ: Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which iconic CBBC character you are

Sorry if you get Elaine the Pain

QUIZ: Plan your YouTube career and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

Q1 – Makeup or FIFA?

The biggest age gaps between actors and their characters in classic teen films

Rachel McAdam was 26 in Mean Girls

A TikTokker stumbled upon the empty Boomtown site, and this is what it looks like

Feel like pure shit just want summer back x

Ranking Queer Eye Antoni’s dishes from sort of terrible to very, very terrible

Hotdog with crisps on top 😊❤️️

‘I had just over 2g of MDMA in my system’: Students share the times they’ve been spiked

They were both hospitalised

Statue memes: 26 marbelous memes and reactions about statues being taken down

Adios Churchill, it would seem

What have the people from season five of Queer Eye been up to since filming?

Kevin sadly lost his leg

Ranked: These are the most dramatic Queer Eye transformations of all time

Of course Tom is here

All the celebrities who have spoken out against JK Rowling’s transgender comments

‘Shut up JK Rowling’

The ‘My way or the highway’ TikTok trend is the guaranteed way to get a million views

You only need to be good at impressions

Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which character from The IT Crowd you are

Cross ur fingers and hope for Moss

Should I be expected to return to uni in September if I’m high risk and still shielding?

‘They risk alienating an entire vulnerable group’

Queer Eye: What did the Fab Five do for work before becoming experts on the show?

Tan retired in his mid 30s!

QUIZ: Plan a Chinese takeaway and we’ll tell you where in the UK you’re from

Chicken balls pls and thank you

Only people who spent hours watching CBBC after school will get full marks on this quiz

Watch ur chops!!!

You can’t go on holiday so you’ll have to do with these 7 Netflix travel series instead

Sorry for rubbing it in

You can only call yourself Mr(s) Worldwide if you score 13/15 on this UK cities quiz

Hey Alexa, play International Love ft Chris Brown

You can only call yourself a true Genovian if you get 13/15 in this Princess Diaries quiz

And that’s on Daddy Joe 😳

Remember Cheaper by the Dozen? Here’s what the 12 Baker kids are up to now

The two eldest are now 43

What are all of the YouTubers that you adored in your teen years up to now?

Tyler Oakley who?

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re Mia Thermopolis or Queen of Genovia

Think you’re a true Genovian?

Explained: What did Doja Cat actually do and why do people on Twitter want her cancelled?

Doja Cat has responded to all claims

If you don’t score above 13/15 in this The IT Crowd quiz then you’re a fake fan

Finished your milk yet?

GCSE Design and Technology quiz: How much do you remember from year 11?

What even is a sewing machine lol

QUIZ: Can you guess the uni city from the famous landmark alone?

Prooooobably not

You won’t score 18/20 in this European capital cities quiz without Googling the answers

Dust off ur atlas, bud

What jobs do the cast of Gogglebox have when they’re not filming for the show?

Families are paid £1500 between them

QUIZ: Who said the phrase, Matty Healy from The 1975 or Jesus Christ himself?

Seeing as there’s a messiah complex at play

What is the Mario Kart Challenge that everyone is doing on TikTok and how do I do it?

Treadmill + laundry basket = pain

The BBC has announced its own version of Netflix Party for iPlayer

Tracy Beaker viewing party, anyone?

Netflix’s White Lines is genuine garbage and let me tell you why


From Damn Daniel to Alex from Target: Where are the heroes from viral memes now?

You know I had to do it to ’em

This is how UK students are feeling about going back to university in September

7,500 of you voted in our poll

Someone on TikTok has shown how to grow an avocado plant at home and my mind is blown

Save ur pennies

Poll: How popular are your opinions on going back to uni in September?

Should we be paying £9k for online lectures?

Over 4,000 of you voted, so we can finally reveal the CBBC’s weirdest TV show

Surprisingly it wasn’t Trapped

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which family from Gogglebox you are

Giles or nutty tho

This is what the original Gogglebox cast members are up to now

Four of them have had coronavirus

Thank the lord: McDonald’s finally opens 15 restaurants for delivery TODAY

They’ve also announced 30 more for next week

Raw chicken and pink mash: The 11 most woeful Come Dine With Me meals of all time

Bone apple tea 🥴

What are the Facebook famous teens of the 2010s up to now?

From Kane Larkin to Jamie Ryan Dee

VOTE: Which bizarre CBBC show was categorically the weirdest?

The nostalgia is too much

From Deano to Big Fat Sue: Which obscure Gavin and Stacey character are you?

Scott the pothead is even here

Think you know your geography? Try and score above 15/20 on this European countries quiz

Calling all geography nerds

You found our last Gavin and Stacey trivia quiz too easy, so this one is twice as hard

Too easy last time?

Hold on tight spidermonkey: These 23 dumb Twilight moments prove it’s a complete mess

Okay Google, how do vampires have kids

It’s time someone said it: Zoom group calls are exhausting and we should be done with them

And that’s on my third quiz night this week

The true story behind the dancing pallbearer meme has me booking them for my funeral

*pumping electro music*

How I Met Your Mother was a car crash of a show and let me tell you why

Why did we ever watch it

This TikTok trend where people change themselves into album covers will make you famous

These are too good

This is how to do that hilarious AI meme generator that everyone is doing on Twitter

Endless fun

Oh! Take this tidy quiz and we’ll tell you which Gavin and Stacey character you are

Pls be Bryn

She’s the world’s most followed TikToker, but who actually is Charli D’Amelio?

52 million followers, to be exact

Meet the famous kids of TikTok who are dragging their celeb parents into videos

Imagine Judy Dench in a TikTok

Describe your quarantine habits and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

It really is that simple

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which character from After Life you are

Sad n angry? You’re so Tony

We asked students with side hustles how they’re still making bank in lockdown

They make it sound so easy

You’ll only have a chance of winning The Chase if you score 13/15 in this quiz

Don’t disappoint Bradley now

Please, everyone, share these 23 memes about Chanel. She’s gone towards the canal!


Loneliness and boredom: We spoke to the students self-isolating in their halls

It sounds truly awful

Remember the kids from The Chronicles of Narnia? Here’s what they have been up to since

‘Edmund will become a parliamentary advisor’ – Aslan

Here’s 19 pieces of evidence that Captain Holt is the best character in Brooklyn 99

Hardly a surprise

Why are girls on TikTok asking their boyfriend ‘would you still love me if I was a worm’?

What if we kissed in the compost heap 😳

You won’t be able to score above 13/15 in this American Horror Story Coven quiz

If you do then you’re obsessed

If you don’t get 13/15 on this American Horror Story Asylum quiz you’re a fake fan

Truth hath been spoken