Harry Ainsworth

Seriously, why is everyone dressing up as ghosts on TikTok right now?

Like WHY

Ranked: The top 20 most viewed YouTube videos of all time

Baby Shark is my sleep paralysis demon

Grads plea to be released after five weeks ‘trapped’ in Italian quarantine hotel

‘We had to put our bags against the door to stop doctors barging in’

QUIZ: Can you match the British TV show with the iconic contestant?

Enjoy the money 😡

Meet the contestants of this year’s Great British Bake Off

One is an armed guard

Where are the stars from the most iconic viral YouTube videos now?

Keenan Cahill is 25!

QUIZ: Can you match the artist to their noughties banger?

This is a Daniel Bedingfield fandom safe space

Only a true Hot Fuzz superfan will get full marks in this trivia quiz

No luck catchin’ them swans then?

YouTubers are promoting Tekashi 6ix9ine’s latest album and people are not happy

‘Most top influencers would collaborate with Hitler’

The government is considering a 10pm curfew to prevent a second wave

Bolton has already announced the changes

The second lockdown might be depressing but these 18 memes about it sure aren’t

More Zoom quizzes, anyone?

These huge British YouTuber houses will make you feel more skint than ever

Apologies in advance x

From Little T to Afghan Dan: Where are the Blackpool rappers from BG Media now?

Afghan Dan was arrested

‘He’s an arsehole!’: An investigation into what happened to Wodders the emu

Wodders is a FEMALE?!

Inside Jason Derulo’s $3,000,000 mansion where he films all his TikTok videos

This man has a SUIT OF ARMOUR

Ronnie Pickering to Peter Marsh: Where are the stars of iconic British viral videos now?

One Pound Fish got deported 🙁

As it turns out, YouTubers are the worst for tragic sponsored Instagram content

Caspar Lee LOVES Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Ranked: These are the 17 most liked TikTok videos of all time

One has 25 million likes 😳

Supercars and swimming pools: The TikTokers with the most expensive mansions

One is worth $23 million

From Agadoo to The Ketchup Song: Where are the artists from your year six disco now?

One of the cheeky girls is ‘into car sales’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which classic British YouTuber you are

If you shop at Waitrose you’re Alfie Deyes

Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp denies singing the n-word, using ‘neighbour’ instead

#noahschnappisoverparty was trending worldwide

‘It’s M to the B’ TikTok audio: Where did the viral TikTok earworm come from?


Only an animated film obsessive will get over 13/15 in this Dreamworks trivia quiz

Shrek fans come hither

James Charles gave fans a tour of his LA mansion and it is absolutely humongous

Wait until you see the garden

Below Deck: We asked real luxury yacht stewardesses how accurate the show really is

‘Prostitutes come onboard’

What happened to the biggest one hit wonder artists from the noughties till now?

LMFAO party rocked then dipped

Stupid TikTokers are dressing up as Holocaust victims to ‘educate people’

Makeup is used to resemble scratches, cuts and burns

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic Dreamworks character you are

Angelina Jolie fish, please

This medieval ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ cover is the biggest tune on TikTok right now

I miss 600AD 🙁

Why didn’t Netflix include Betty Broderick’s secret boyfriend in Dirty John season two?

They were together for years

QUIZ: Can you match the iconic Dreamworks quote to the film it belongs to?

Ogres are like ONIONS

These Netflix horror films have over 80 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and will make you weep

Good films only ❌

Arrests, drug busts and Covid parties: All the times big TikTokkers messed up

The D’Amelios aren’t angels 😇

According to all known laws of aviation, there’s no way you’ll get 15/15 in this Bee Movie quiz

Honey just got funny

These 15 tragic Fall Guys clips will have you screaming at your computer screen

You can FEEL their pain

What is the Fall Guys game that everyone is playing and how do I get it?

Downloading Steam as we speak

Apparently water filters make cheap vodka taste ten times better so I tried it out

Bless u TikTok

Fact vs fiction: How accurate was Netflix’s Dirty John season two?

Betty really did drive into Dan’s house

This airline employee is scoring rude celebs that she’s met on TikTok

Kendall Jenner scored a two lol

From Lucas Scott to Mouth McFadden: Where are the One Tree Hill cast now?

Skills went to prison

From Eric Wakeham to Maverick Baker: Where are the classic OG TikTokers now?

Rumour has it he’s still in the ghetto

Every time The Umbrella Academy was completely different to the original comic

Luther and Five are TWINS

Calling all Robert Sheehan fans: All five series of Misfits are coming to Netflix

Set your clocks for September

QUIZ: Can you guess the Pixar film from the main character’s home?

Nemo’s pad hits different tho 🥴

We asked one of OnlyFans’ top creators every question that beginners have about the app

‘I make five figures monthly’

What is doomscrolling and how do I know if it’s harming my mental health?

It’s increasingly hard to avoid

QUIZ: Are you more similar to Klaus from The Umbrella Academy or Nathan from Misfits?

Either way you win!

PSA: Number Five from Umbrella Academy makes music and it’s… interesting

Ed Sheeran who?!

From Miss Trunchbull to Bruce Bogtrotter: Here’s what the Matilda cast are up to now

Miss Trunchbull was in Gavin and Stacey

Ranked: These are the TikTok stars making millions of dollars every year

Addison Rae is a multimillionaire 🙃

Explained: Everyone is cancelling Ellen Degeneres, but what did she actually do?

She hasn’t posted anything since July

Twin TikTok stars could face four years in prison after bank robbery prank

It’s just a prank bro!

Where are the stars from Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum now?

Michael is still single 🙁

Explained: What does the mi pan su su sum TikTok song actually mean?

I can’t escape it HELP

I started a petition to stop the government putting calorie counts on menus

‘Having no choice to see this information is highly triggering’

Tracy Beaker fans are reacting hilariously to the announcement of a new series

They’re all spot on

Kendall Jenner showed fans around her home and it’s honestly surprisingly…normal?

It actually looks like someone lives there!

Only a massive Pixar nerd will get full marks in this bumper Pixar film quiz

Dreamworks could NEVER

A new Jimmy Savile Netflix doc will expose ‘friendships with celebs and Royal Family’

It will also explore how he got away with his crimes

Where are the child stars from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now?

Is Augustus Gloop… hot?

QUIZ: Which character from She’s The Man are you really?

Eunice a baddie tho 😳

Every salty thing Zayn ever did that proved he hated being in One Direction

Okay Alexa play ‘History’

Who are all the One Direction boys dating? A definitive list of all their current flames

Harry is single!

A timeline of every messed up thing Jeffree Star has done to date


If you don’t get full marks in this Monsters Inc quiz then you’re a fake fan

Mike Wazowski who?

Sorry, but it’s near impossible to choose between these classic British lunchbox snacks

Cheesestring or Babybel?

These insane YouTuber houses will make yours look like a literal doll house

15 million dollars? Right

Meet Darin Olien, Zac Efron’s mate and cohost of Netflix’s Down to Earth

He’s v successful

QUIZ: Can you guess the cartoon from the family home alone?

Pineapple livin’ ass

What are the love experts from Millionaire Matchmaker up to now?

Patti is single still 🙁

Sorry, but Zac Efron’s new Netflix show is anything but rad

I can’t hear “stoked” again

What is the entanglement meme and why is everyone rinsing Jada Smith over it?

Feel bad for Will

QUIZ: Can you guess the Netflix series from the character outfit alone?

Netflix experts only 😤

Kerry Mucklowe from This Country is appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox tonight


Nottingham Trent grad awarded £15k after boss told her to wear more makeup at work

She looked ‘unpresentable’

Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you which Shrek character you are


QUIZ: Can you guess the cartoon from the obscure character?

Hint – he lives in a pineapple

From Tinchy Stryder to Taio Cruz: Where are the forgotten artists of the noughties now?

Akon is building ‘Akon City’

Only a true Shrekspert will get full marks in this Shrek 2 trivia quiz

The Shreckoning

Okay, for real now: Where is Paolo Nutini and why haven’t we heard from him?

We NEED you

I am breaking my silence with these 13 Tati Westbrook memes

None. None. None.

Allergic reactions and strokes: The risks of doing poppers

Know the risks

Over one million people have now signed a petition to have PornHub shut down

It’s accused of aiding trafficking

I can’t be the only person on this planet who finds Will Ferrell painfully unfunny

The Catalina Wine Mixer haha 😜😜😜

Investigation: Can you undo an accidental Instagram photo like and get away with it?


A considered ranking of the best songs from Netflix’s Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

You know where this is going

We asked people who have sneaked into festivals exactly how they did it

It’s not just the wristband trick

Demonetisation and 900k subscribers lost: The fall out from Shane Dawson’s cancelling

His palette has been dropped

This genius grow-your-own garlic trick makes chopping a thing of the past

Take off your cloves 🧄

QUIZ: Can you guess the CBBC show from the filming location?

Harder than it sounds

Blackface and anti-Semitism: All the times YouTube’s Shane Dawson messed up

It’s not looking good

QUIZ: Which character from Spongebob Squarepants are you?

Anything but Squidward

QUIZ: Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you exactly how edgy you really are

‘I just prefer Tame Impala’s earlier work’

This Facebook group is dedicated to rinsing boomers struggling with technology

I;m thinking about thos Beans,,,

QUIZ: Can you guess the teen film/series from its supporting cast members?

NOT as easy as it would seem

Brooklyn 99 has scrapped the end of season eight in support of Black Lives Matter

‘We have to start over’

Only a true swamp-dwelling ogre will get full marks in this Shrek quiz

Calling all Shrek heads

Stop whatever you’re doing: Netflix is releasing a sequel to Chicken Run

It could be with us next year