TikToker Nosebleedfitz donated £20,000 by fans for gender reassignment surgery

One anonymous donor gave £7,500

Nosebleedfitz, the British TikToker famed for her comical commentary videos, has had her full gender reassignment funded entirely by fans.

The Gofundme, which exceeded its £20,000 goal after over 1,000 people donated, was started in January with one anonymous donor contributing £7,500.

By paying for a private service, patients bypass the long NHS waiting list which can lengthen the process by several years. The donations mean that Nosebleedfitz will be able to begin the process immediately.

@nosebleedfitzI can’t thank you enough. You’ve given me my entire LIFE and for that I will never be able to verbalise my gratitude.❤️ oh my god♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Speaking of the news in a TikTok video, she said that she was very thankful for all of the donations and that her first appointment took place on Wednesday 31st March: “You have paid for my entire transition before I’ve even had my first initial appointment.”

Nosebleedfitz, whose name is Bella Misandria Wardle Fitzpatrick, has established herself as one of the dominant British TikTokers for her blunt stitches and duets with other creators. If you haven’t seen her videos, you’ve more than likely heard her voice as she’s responsible for several viral audios including the classic – “What was that little performance for?”

@nosebleedfitz##stitch with @naijaboy5♬ original sound – Nosebleed Fitz

Explaining why she wanted to transition on the Gofundme page, Nosebleedfitz said that she worries she’ll miss out by waiting for so long. “The NHS provide a brilliant service however I simply feel as though I’m missing my best years to be my authentic self and if I can speed up the process (by going private) in any way, I bloody will,” she said.

“The clinic I’m involved with privately bypasses the first steps that the NHS require. They help to change my sex on legal documentation, they provide hormones & psychiatric confirmation within the first few meetings.”

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