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Who is Joshua ‘Worldoftshirts’ Block and why is he so obsessed with New York?

He is followed by Dixie D’Amelio

If you watch a lot of TikTok then you may well be acquainted with Joshua “Worldoftshirts” Block, also known as @worldoftshirts. With an unrivaled obsession for all things New York, Joshua can often be seen gallivanting around the city singing Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind with a boba drink in hand. However, although we’ve seen him dance and lipsync around the place, less is known about the actual man behind our favourite videos.

So, having scraped the internet within an inch of its life to ascertain every possible detail we can, here’s everything we know about TikTok’s Joshua Block, aka @worldoftshirts.

@worldoftshirts##fyp♬ original sound – Joshua

Joshua Worldoftshirts Block is 19 years old

Joshua Block was born on August 7th 2001, making him 19 years of age. In the two years Josh has been on TikTok, his account has blown up – last summer he had 400k followers, whilst this summer it currently sits at 2.1m+ followers.

His videos are a broad mix of lipsync, dancing (flailing his arms around in the air), and food/drink reviews. But really, he’ll post anything and everything, which is what makes his content so entertaining.

According to his LinkedIn, the name @worldoftshirts is likely inspired by a business he has

By following either his LinkedIn page or LinkTree, you can find two Cafe Press websites that are attributed to him. One is called All Things Luxury, whilst the other is called World of T-Shirts.

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any further information on who exactly runs these sites, there has been speculation on the WorldOfTShirts Reddit that his grandparents may own the sites.

Joshua Worldoftshirts Block has a bit of a celebrity following

@worldoftshirts##fyp @dixiedamelio♬ original sound – Joshua

Well, if you count Dixie D’Amelio.

He has been on a Times Square billboard

@worldoftshirts##fyp I Made The Billboard in Times Square!!!!!♬ original sound – Joshua

He’s dedicated almost his entire TikTok account to New York City, so it was only fitting that he end up on a billboard at some point. That dream came true recently, where many people gathered to see Josh doing his usual fun dancing on a huge screen overlooking the square.

Worldoftshirts has experienced a little controversy on TikTok

@worldoftshirts##fyp @nicks.00 @tylerschilt_ @charliepish @sullysymmes♬ original sound – Joshua

As more people started asking for photos and videos with Josh, he decided to ask them for money. For $50 you could get a video with him and $20 for a photo, but many complained that he shouldn’t be charging at all.

Recently he’s reduced his rates to a more reasonable $20 and $10 for videos and photos respectively.

Josh has an OnlyFans account

Yup, Josh does indeed have his very own OnlyFans account. Although his posts appear to be few and far between, there isn’t any further information on what he is actually posting on there – so it’s down to whether you want to pay $$$ for your curiosity.

As well as a Spotify, where he’s uploaded two songs to date

I don’t think there is one rhyme in this entire song dedicated to coffee and boba. Do I care? Absolutely not.

Joshua apparently lives with his grandparents

His mother sadly passed away in 2015, and there is speculation on the Worldoftshirts Reddit that Josh is now under the guardianship of his grandparents.

Joshua’s dormant TikTok account recently uploaded a new video

A reupload to his personal Facebook profile reveals that Josh has an alternate TikTok profile called @user223587169841027. It’s uncertain if it’s still his or someone else has taken over since his success on @worldoftshirts, but the name attached to the account is still Joshua Block, and it uploaded the above meme recently.

@user223587169841027##fyp ##lol ##kysidontcare♬ original sound – Joshua Block

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