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A timeline: Tana Mongeau’s rise from YouTube storytimer to A-list wannabe

Must be tiring doing all that social climbing

Tana Mongeau has always known how to ruffle a few feathers in the social media sphere.

In fact, it’s caused some people to question why she hasn’t been all-out cancelled for her past actions, but it’s her latest drama with Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey and ex Francesca Farago that has people scratching their heads a little – is it all a load of rubbish to promote the reality TV stars? Has she genuinely dated both of them on and off and is simply promoting the feud for clout?

To understand this, it’s worth taking a look back at the tempestuous world of Tana Mongeau, a divisive figure who has been known to fabricate and perpetuate drama in the name of glorious, glorious content. So, from ridiculously inconceivable storytime YouTube videos to hanging out with Bryce Hall and the rest of the TikTok crew (on God), here are just a selection of important moments in Tana’s troublesome career.

Tana Mongeau started out on YouTube with farfetched storytime videos

Ah, yes – do you remember a time when some of the biggest YouTube creators would come out with sensationalist (and often false) stories as a way to get clicks?

Tana Mongeau was practically a pioneer of this genre, creating such iconic titles as “I GOT ARRESTED AND BANNED FROM LONDON,” “I ALMOST GOT ROOFIED AND SHOT” and, of course, the most iconic of them all: “I GOT BANGED WITH A TOOTHBRUSH.”

High brow stuff, in case you hadn’t noticed.

In 2016, Tana had her first controversial brush with iDubbbz on Twitter

tana mongeau, idubbbz, n word, tweet

Tana, rather nobly by today’s standards, called out Ian “iDubbbz” Walker for his use of racial slurs. Despite the good intention behind the tweet, many people saw issues with her telling him to kill himself as well as highlighted her own documented use of these terms – and she later deleted it.

However, this instigated what would be quite a rough ride for Tana.

Three months later, iDubbbz came up to Tana Mongeau on her tour and said the N-word in a video with her

Tana was touring around the US in early 2017 and was hosting fan meet and greets afterward. Ian travelled up to one of her shows, having already begun filming for an upcoming Content Cop video about her – and paid for the privilege of a photo.

Clearly not recognising Ian, Tana posed with him for a photo, where the above moment occurred.

Two days later, Tana made a video discussing what happened before any video footage was released

Tana subsequently found out that it was Ian who had posed with her and presumably that he was planning on making a Content Cop video criticising her past and present actions, so she made a video calling him out.

However, Ian had been busy collecting old footage of Tana as part of his video, and…

In February 2017, iDubbbz released a 20-minute video calling Tana Mongeau out for her hypocrisy

This very video included the debut of the “say n*****” clip, along with various other clips of Tana saying the word herself in different scenarios.

The Content Cop video was very well received at a time when YouTube allowed this sort of humour and flagrant use of racist language, and Tana was widely vilified for her use of the same term she criticised Ian for using.

…so Tana apologised for saying the N-word

Tana released an apology, but it seemed by this point many people had seen her initial tweet at Ian as a failed attempt to cancel him despite her own usage of the same language, and to date, the video has over 400k dislikes to 115k likes. She took a month off uploading but was soon back to posting her usual videos (albeit with a heavy dislike ratio for a period of time), and everything seemed okay.

She started dating Bella Thorne in the summer of 2017

From the summer of 2017 to February 2019, Tana dated Disney Channel alumn and film star Bella Thorne. Tana has since made a video claiming that Bella made a “HORRIBLE” song about her.

In June 2018, Tana Mongeau attempted to host an event titled TanaCon

TanaCon was a convention created by Tana as a response to her not being invited to the previous year’s VidCon. It was set for the same dates as VidCon 2018 and promised the attendance of a roster of high-profile YouTubers and entertainers such as Casey Neistat, Shane Dawson and Bella Thorne.

The convention quickly imploded when more people attended than the venue could hold. As a result, attendees were left to queue for hours in the sun with no food or water provided.

The event was globally criticised and fans allegedly shouted for refunds, with Shane Dawson himself saying that agreeing to appear was the “worst decision [he] ever made.” Mongeau apologised and refunds were issued, but fans likened the event to the disastrous Fyre Festival.

In December of that year, she made a video alleging Bryce Hall had assaulted her friend

Bryce Hall allegedly got into a fight with TikToker Zach Clayton in 2018. Tana made the above video with him, showing his injuries and calling Hall a “PSYCHO” in the title.

Bryce later said in a video responding to the fight that they were “both in the wrong, both drunk, and everything that happened wasn’t just one person’s fault.”

In July 2019, Tana Mongeau “married” Jake Paul

In summer 2019, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul staged a marriage that many believed to be real at the time. They “married” on July 28th in Las Vegas, with several celebrity guests and a whole camera crew covering the event.

She later admitted that the marriage was not legal, but it seems the couple remain friends to this day.

Nessa Briella made several allegations against Mongeau a year later

Nessa Briella made the above 48-minute video about Tana in the summer of 2020, making multiple claims including that Tana has thrown “microaggressions” her way.

She explains how they met through YouTube and were friends but it slowly fell apart as Tana allegedly “painted [her] out to be this angry black woman.” There are plenty of screenshots of messages and tweets, and at one point she even includes video footage of Shane Dawson reading through their personal messages to one another.

Tana responded to the video with another apology

Tana didn’t respond for a couple of months (which started to arouse criticism) until September, where she sat down for an apology video. Many criticised the video for its “pre-written” feel, and it subsequently received over 115k dislikes to 41k likes.

In late 2020, she started getting close with Harry Jowsey

Paparazzi caught videos of the two getting close on numerous occasions, which obviously opened a whole can of worms. There have since been claims Tana dated Harry, dated his Too Hot To Handle costar/ex Francesca Farago and generally just a load of drama between the three since they were first spotted together.

It’s honestly hard to keep up.

And that brings us up to this week, where she’s being rinsed on TikTok for a paparazzi video

@bbbaconator##stitch with @itsjosezarate♬ original sound – Ranch

You know that video a few years back of her sat next to her glum mate who had just been allegedly bashed to pieces by Bryce Hall? Yeah, well fuck that – because he’s about to have a “TikToker v YouTuber” fight that will gain him a whooole load more money and clout – so all is forgiven!

tana mongeau, team bryce on god

Luckily, she seems to be playing along with the joke as is evident from her new Twitter name and several of her tweets referencing the video.

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