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From Addison Rae to Bella Poarch: Meet the siblings of your favourite TikTokers

Bryce Hall being an only child explains so much

What you know about your favourite celebrity TikTokers is solely based upon how much information they’re willing to give away. Some, like the D’Amelio’s for instance, have created an entire series around their little family unit because it sells well, whilst figures like Bella Poarch and Bryce Hall appear to be a lot more guarded about their personal lives. However, the fans have still been given snippets every now and then and we now have a somewhat clear idea of what the biggest TikToker’s family lives are like.

So, from Addison Rae’s two little brothers (who already have more followers than we’ll ever have) to James Charles’ supermodel sibling, here are the brothers and sisters of the most popular TikTokers on the planet right now.

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is the friend of fellow TikTokers and Kardashians alike, but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping to her routes and, as TikTokers go, she’s quite keen to get her family members involved in her videos. Her mum, for instance, has accrued literal millions of followers off the back of appearing in Addison’s videos.

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In addition to her mum, Addison’s two brothers Enzo and Lucas Lopez have also made guest appearances in her TikToks. Both brothers have hundreds of thousands of followers across their social media channels and, although still very much kids, could very well have successful social media careers ahead of them.

Loren Gray

Although Loren Gray used to be the biggest TikToker in the world, she surprisingly isn’t talked about nearly half as much as some of the other creators on the platform – but given the drama that they’ve created to land themselves in that situation, maybe it’s a good thing.

Loren Gray appears to be a family girl through and through, with her dad running an Instagram account almost solely dedicated to his daughter. I mean, it’s literally titled “Loren Gray’s Dad”.

Loren has a half-sister called Jordan who is eight years older than her, but she doesn’t appear to be as at home in front of the camera. Another bit of TikTok trivia – Loren dated the brother of another famous TikToker on this list, but we’ll get onto that in a bit.

Jason Derulo

Yes, Jason Derulo is one of the most-followed people on TikTok so it only seems right that we give him the same treatment as everyone else on this list. After all, it seems like he’s doing more on TikTok than he is in the music industry nowadays anyway.

Jason Desrouleaux (yup) has two siblings – 41-year-old sister Kim and 37-year-old brother Joel. Apparently, the latter inspired Jason’s hit Watcha Say after being unfaithful to his girlfriend at the time.

James Charles

We haven’t seen young James on our feeds in quite some time due to some bad allegations that came out against him, but he’s overcome similar levels of scrutiny in the past so I’m sure he’ll pop his head back in some time soon.

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Whilst James is laying low, his 19-year-old model sibling Ian Jeffrey seems to be doing anything but. Ian is a successful model whose Instagram solely involves moody shots of him walking the streets of New York.

And yes – it was Ian that dated Loren Gray from late 2018 to early 2019.

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch shot to fame with her cutesy lip-synched cover of Millie B’s “It’s M to the B” diss track, but since then she’s rocketed to even greater heights with the launch of a musical career that has broken actual records.

Bella has always been quite closely guarded with her personal life, and whilst we have learned from previous videos that she was born in the Philippines and was adopted at some point, there is no news on whether she has any siblings.

Noah Beck

You may not be surprised to learn that, as the seemingly nicer of the other boys in his group, Bryce grew up with two older sisters that likely had a large part to play in his upbringing.

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His sister Tatum is a dancer and cheerleader who has 2.6m followers on TikTok and 80k+ on Instagram, whilst Haley is a teacher who appears to want to live her life a little more privately.

Bryce Hall

We all know Bryce Hall has had a tumultuous ride to fame over the couple of years he’s been in the limelight, getting into a number of public scraps along the way. Luckily he’s turned over a new leaf, for now he’s getting paid to do them instead.

This is going to come as absolutely ZERO shock – Bryce Hall is an only child.

Charli D’Amelio

Probably the most obvious name on this list is Charli D’Amelio, whose sister is none other than fellow famous TikTok and social media star, Dixie.

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Although not quite as can’t-go-anywhere famous as her younger sister, Dixie has still forged her way as one of the biggest names on the platform and currently has over 52 million followers.

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