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The high guy from *that* meme has finally come forward after 10 years

He met his girlfriend through the meme

Whilst we all know the backstory behind the majority of the classic 2010 memes such as Success Kid, Doge and all of the rage comics, it is the meme hero from the 10 Guy meme that has remained the most elusive – that is, until now. The high guy, (AKA 10 Guy, AKA stoner Stanley) has finally stepped forward as Connor Sinclair, a normal guy who was photographed by mates on a lad’s holiday in Ibiza.

Whilst announcing that he will be selling the meme as an NFT in the future, he has also revealed a number of juicy details about the meme and what he’s been up to since. So, here’s everything that Connor Sinclair has been up to since becoming world-famous from the 10 Guy meme.

He is selling an NFT of the 10 Guy meme

It was hardly a surprise that a meme legend coming back from the dead would go onto sell said meme as an NFT, but wouldn’t we all?

After all, NFTs are all the rage right now, and although Connor is the latest, several other notable people from memes including Success Kid, Nyan Cat and Doggface208 (the Fleetwood Mac skateboarder) have announced/completed the sale of their memes as NFTs.


The first he heard of himself becoming a meme was on Reddit

Nine years ago the photo was put on Reddit with the caption: “Being at a [10] is not always pretty”. He recently said in a Twitter interaction that this was the first time he’d seen himself being used as a meme online.

The 10 Guy meme went viral when he was 18 and starting university

Speaking with Know Your Meme, Connor said that he was nervous about the meme’s popularity and that part of the reason he remained anonymous for so long was due to the perceivably negative associations that being obviously high might have on his education and career at that age.

“I was a bit nervous about getting too involved, and I wasn’t comfortable about it when I was younger and studying, if it might have affected my career. I don’t think I could have imagined still talking about it 10 years later!”

The photo was taken on a lad’s holiday in Ibiza

You’d expect Amsterdam by the look of Connor’s face, but it turns out that his sweaty forehead and dazed appearance were in part due to the lack of air conditioning in the hotel in Ibiza that they were staying at.

According to the Daily Dot, he neither outright confirmed nor denied to comment on whether he was actually high on cannabis at the time.

He met his girlfriend because of the meme

Being one of the most famous memes in existence means that plenty of people will likely recognise you and ask for photos, which is exactly what happened when Connor met his girlfriend of six years.

“My partner Lucy and I just celebrated our six-year anniversary,” he told Know Your Meme. “We first met because she recognized me and asked me for a photo. Now we have a house together and a little dog Mosey, so really, I should be saying thanks to my alter ego!”

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