tiktok weight loss dance

What is the TikTok weight loss dance and does it actually work?

Is it true or rubbish?

From the popular weighted hula hoop to the worrying rise in pro-ano content seen on TikTok, many trends have cropped up that, for better or worse, promote the loss of weight in a variety of ways – and the TikTok weight loss dance is the latest of these peculiar trends. Its creator, TikToker @janny14906, claims that this exercise will cut down fat around the abdominal region and tone it up, but how much truth is there to this claim?

Well, we wanted to find out. So, is the TikTok weight loss dance a good way of burning fat around the stomach? Will doing it every day give me a six-pack? And does the TikTok weight loss dance actually work in the first place? Here’s everything you need to know.

@janny14906As long as you enjoy the skinny come together.#exercise #fitues #abdominales #abs #gym #fit#workout#ejercicio #core #ejerciciosencasa♬ original sound – user1468626853971

What is the TikTok weight loss dance?

Besides looking pretty ridiculous, the idea behind the dance is to simultaneously lose weight whilst toning your abdominals to give you a flatter stomach.

To do the dance for yourself, it looks like you want to move your arms rhythmically, either by your side or above your head. Meanwhile, thrust your hips forward and backward in small “crunch” like movements, tensing your abdominals as you do so. Combine this with high tempo music and you’re good to go – pumping electronic music is very much optional.

@janny14906As long as you enjoy the skinny come together.#exercise #fitues #abdominales #abs #gym #fit#workout#ejercicio #core #ejerciciosencasa♬ original sound – user1468626853971

Does the TikTok weight loss dance actually work?

Any kind of movement is going to burn calories, but claims by the creator that this dance specifically targets the abdominal region for weight loss are, unfortunately, untrue.

Insider spoke to a personal trainer who said that there is little benefit from such an exercise due to the fact that you cannot target weight loss from a particular region in the body: “She says multiple times: ‘Exercise for an hour a day and eat whatever you want,’ which of course is completely incorrect and this kind of advice is exactly what gets people into a lot of trouble where they go for a run then eat their faces off and end up gaining a bunch of weight.”

Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t be a beneficial exercise for overall weight loss when combined with the correct diet and healthy lifestyle choices, it certainly won’t work away stubborn belly fat and give you a dream six-pack on its own.

So, the general consensus appears to be that this is no more effective than any other workout and is just another TikTok weight loss fad. Sorry!

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