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QUIZ: Answer these 11 questions and we’ll tell you which dog breed you are

Manifesting golden retriever vibes x

There are few questions more important when courting a fellow human being than: “If you were a dog, what dog breed would you be?” It’s like the greatest sociological question of all time because there is just so much you can tell about a person from what they answer. Oh, you think you’d be a sausage dog? Raging narcissist. Poodle? Clearly fun at parties (yawn). German Shepherd? Keep your overcompensating, toxic ass away from me, thank you very much.

Having said that, not everyone is as self-aware as they’d like to be – and the sausage dog of the group may well be a golden lab without even knowing. So, with establishing yourself as a dog breed being the greatest litmus test for just how amazing/intolerable humanity can be, we’ve devised a deeply scientific quiz that will tell anyone exactly which dog breed they should be – woof woof indeed.

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Featured image credit via Unsplash – Oleksandr Horbach, Victor Grabarczyk and Karsten Winegeart.

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