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Quiz: Oh my god! How well do you remember the iconic quotes from Friends?

Could this BE any easier?

Over the 10 seasons of Friends, not an episode went by without some witty one liners or hilarious joke, however some have really stood the test of time and become iconic quotes that we repeat over and over, but how well do you remember them? It’s time to find out with our Friends quote quiz.

Each of the six Friends and the secondary characters always knew exactly what to say, which is what made the show so successful. Even just one word can make it into the Friends history book, such as “pivot!”. Who knew a word about turning would turn into such an iconic moment?

But aside from pivot, how well do you remember the other great quotes? What is Joey’s go to chat up line? Or what about Chandler offering a sarcastic comment?

To really test your Friends fan knowledge take this quote quiz to find out:

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