Take this quiz to find out if you’re Monica, Rachel or Phoebe from Friends

Look, we can’t all be Rachel

Friends is one of those shows that even though you know it’s not exactly great, it’s also too good to turn off. It’s easy going, occasionally funny and perfect for those hungover days when you can’t be bothered to think. Although the one thing you always think watching it is – will I ever have a wardrobe as a good as Rachel’s? No, just me? Well then you’ve definitely considered which of the Friends girls you’re most like.

Despite their similar 90s wardrobes, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are all incredibly unique. Monica is uptight, organised and the mum of the group. Rachel is stylish, a bit selfish and 100 per cent a princess. And Phoebe is independent, a free spirit and a little bit ditzy. At certain points we can all embody the different traits of the girls, but there is one of the three that you are just more aligned with.

Some people love to by bossy and clean so they’re like Monica, others are are kinky and adventurous like Phoebe and some of us are a bit of a push over like Rachel. And you can now find out which one you’re most like by taking our Friends girls quiz.

Take this quiz to see which Friends girl you really are:

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