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Take this quiz to find out if you’d end up with Joey, Ross or Chandler

Please not Ross

The Friends reunion is fast approaching and throughout the years, there’s been a constant debate over which of the guys is actually the best. Many people think Ross is quite problematic. Whereas others think he’s the best character on the show. But would you want to end up with Ross? Or are you more a fan of Joey or Chandler? It’s time to find out which of the Friends boys you’d end up with by taking our quiz.

Ross, Joey and Chandler are all very different men and we’re all more suited to one in particular. Ross is intelligent, cultured and big into commitment. Chandler is fun, smart and whilst a little insecure, his heart is always in the right place. And Joey is confident, flirty and majorly into his food.

You’ve probably got an idea of who you’d end up with based on your personalities traits and how similar they are to each guy. If you’re shy, there’s no way you’re dating Joey. But things such as what you like to watch, what you think of marriage and how fast you sleep with someone all indicate which Friends boy you’d end up with.

To find out which man from Friends would be your partner, take our quiz:

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