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Quiz: Plan a bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you how basic you truly are

I’m not sure I’m prepared to know this result

You can’t deny, bottomless brunch is very, very basic. You turn up at what would usually be a pretty average cafe or restaurant, but for some reason you’ve lost your head because for £25 you can get as much prosecco as your body physically allows and there’s basically avocado on tap too. It’s a basic girl’s heaven. But some of take the basic novelty that little bit further than others – so this quiz is about to out your bottomless brunch habits for what they truly are.

There’s always one who’s straight in the group chat on a Sunday (minutes after the previous brunch, obviously) checking everyone’s availability for the next week and booking the table before the day is over. They then proceed to plan their outfit by Monday night, check the menu every single day, check the restaurant Insta for aesthetics and they’ll be up at 7am on the day to get ready. This is despite knowing that their makeup will be all down their face by 2pm as they vomit into the loos after 30 bellinis. They, ladies and gents, are the most basic. The least basic probably turns up at their local cafe, blissfully unaware that bottomless was even an option. Couldn’t be me.

So, how do you fair on the spectrum? Find out here.

Plan a bottomless brunch in the quiz below to find out how basic you really are:

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