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Quiz: Only a real expert can tell if this classic rip-off comes from Aldi or Lidl

Do you know your Taurus from your Woodgate cider?

When you walk into either Lidl or Aldi you are completely bombarded with rip-offs. And I’m not just talking Colin the Caterpillar who is mysteriously disguised as Cuthbert the Caterpillar, because that really is just the tip of a very, very huge iceberg. I mean, the rest of these knock-offs are so shameful they should probably give a portion of the profits to the original brands.

They’ve become such a novelty that by now the knock-offs are more popular than the original brands who like, invented the actual product. Cien is my new favourite shampoo brand, Gordon’s gin walked so that Fenton’s gin could run, and once you’ve tried a Seal bar I guarantee you ain’t ever putting a Penguin past your lips again.

If you really know your supermarket knock-off brands you should breeze through this quiz, so find out here. All you have to do is match the shameless dupe to either Aldi or Lidl, then you can take your crown as the king or queen of the budget supermarkets. Enjoy.

See if you know your Lidl and Aldi rip-offs in the quiz below:

Thank you Aldi and Lidl – the devil works hard, but you work harder x

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