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Lidl ripoffs that are so shameless they should probably just apologise to the original brand

Nutella? Don’t you mean Notella

Ah Lidl, where else could you buy Manuka Honey and a garden rake under one roof? It is by far the roguest supermarket in the land. There is no logical lay out: you'll find the pesto next to the hairdryers and duvet covers next to Golden and Delicious apples.

It is a place where the bakery smells fresher than Nigella Lawson kneading sourdough in a low cut cashmere jumper. The women on the checkouts are so rapid you actually have to psyche yourself up before hitting the tills or Janine might lob a Crunchy Corner into your eye.

But there is nothing better than Lidl's unabashed determination to rip off every brand under the sun. Do they think the British taxpayer might actually mistake Bixies for Weetabix? I don't know, but I am so here for it because it is petty af and I do love an own brand bargain.

Am I the only one who thinks Batts looks rather suspiciously like Nando's?

I wonder where Batts got the idea for orange packaging from? If Lidl were going to take anything it should have been the brand name. Batts sounds like the name of some brown sauce you'd squeeze on a bacon butty.

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Who wore it better: Malt Wheaties or Shreddies?

Crownfield Malt Wheaties obvi.

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No, no, you're right, Bixies sounds nothing like Weetabix

The packaging is completely different too. Nothing to see here.

Neo? Oreo? Lidl's creative marketing team obviously just thought, "ah fuck it"

"No one will notice they are different if we use the same letters."

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Twister what is your legal department up to? Hurricane has totally mugged you off

Hurricane's packaging looks like a board game you'd play with your family at Christmas.

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No that is not a 12 chicken nugget box from Maccys, you can buy this bad boy from Lidl

It even comes with a curry and sweet and sour dip.

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Here is Lidl fully rinsing Jordans' countryside manor aesthetic

Tbf Lidl are making bougie, overpriced muesli available to the masses. For the many, not only the few.

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Would you prefer your Pasta in Sauce or Pasta 'n' sauce?

Because the "in" is perhaps the only thing preventing Lidl from being sued by Batchelors™.

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W5 is just going in on Cillit Bang's colour palette like copyright isn't a thing

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Top marks for confidence.

Hi there Alfredo's Stonebaked pizza Dr Oetker would like their branding back

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Lidl's Instant Noodles clearly dgaf that Super Noodles' already exist

At least Lidl put a bowl instead of a spoon on the packaging. That makes it different, right?

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Okay so here Lidl have just gone right for it and taken the official Jaffa Cake brand name

But they have 24 in the box not 39 so obviously they are totally different products.

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Wow, bold

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Heineken? Is that you old friend

*Insert German sounding word and British people won't be able to tell the difference.*

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And then we have 'Woodgate' which has essentially copied not one, but all of Strongbow's branded products, like this apple cider:

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And then there's the dark fruits

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Lidl's Finton's looks like just like Gordon's but with added sass

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Turns out Captain Cook also makes spiced rum, not just Captain Morgan's

Maybe they are Captains of different ships?

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Then there's Lidl's health brand Cien, which is clearly going through an identity crisis

Cien is pretending to be eight different brands at once, I am pretty confused as to who it is trying to be.

Is it Jordan's baby lotion?

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Or TRESemmé?

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Or Head and Shoulders?

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Or Radox?

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Or L'oréal Elnett?

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Or is there a little bit of Cien in everything?

And finally there's Towergate biscuits who should probably just apologise to McVities' right now for stealing their entire line

Have you no mercy?

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What do you gain from this?

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Just let McVitie's breathe

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Absolutely ruthless. Lidl gives approximately 0 fucks.