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I regret to inform you Astrid Wett and Snapshot Eye Paul are hanging out on TikTok

Will we ever know peace?

Don’t F**k With Cats’ Luke Magnotta is married in a prison he says is like uni

The Netflix documentary has brought his life back into the spotlight

It’s time to find out, which 2019 meme is your uni?

Who has the most woman yelling at cat energy?

These savage reviews are the only good thing about the Cats movie

‘Nearly as obscene as The Human Centipede’

Oxford medic on trial for rape of fellow student found not guilty

The jury deliberated for over seven hours

Are you actually smart enough to get into Oxbridge?

If you can answer half of these questions you’re a genius

These are the degrees you need to be studying in 2020 to make yourself rich

Or marry an engineer, it’s up to you

Stormzy drops the Tracy Beaker theme tune into a new song and it slaps

This is the iconic pairing I need

Oxford medic accused of rape taught sex education and consent classes to kids

He described consent as ‘sexy’

These 19 Marriage Story memes will take you on another emotional rollercoaster

And you thought the film alone was deep

Party leaders all back laws to combat ‘rough sex’ defence

It comes after Grace Millane’s killer was found guilty

POLL: Tell us who you’re voting for tomorrow

We want to see how fucked the country is

Oxford medic accused of raping fellow student said ‘this is awkward’ after

The court heard he described it as ‘one of those unfortunate things that happens’

Jo Swinson: ‘I’m sorry for breaking the tuition fees promise and I was crap at rolling joints at uni’

In an interview with The Tab, the Lib Dem leader says ‘I think we’re right to apologise’

Someone has ranked unis by how close they are to a Nando’s

This is the league table I need

Woman who met with Grace Millane’s killer speaks out about their Tinder date

She claims he was ‘testing theories’ on her

Netflix has just released the first full trailer for You season two

Hold me I can’t breath

These are the 23 best Twitter reactions to *that* Christmas Peloton advert

Just look at the pain in her EYES

YouTubers FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet are having the messiest breakup beef on Twitter

She’s ‘exposing’ him and leaking screenshots

The votes are in: This is officially the best meme of the entire decade

Woman yelling at cat was ROBBED

This meme about things people can also say during sex is absolutely wild

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