Annie Lord

Throw a house party and we’ll tell you who you should really hang out with

Looks like I’m hanging out with the rugby boys

We can tell whether you’re northern or southern based on your snow reactions

Someone get me an UBER I am dying out here

There are thirteen types of posh and I am about to tell you which one you are

Please say I am not signet ring posh

Remembering Sixth form college, the absolute peak of your teenage life

Why was there always a cool kid with a clothing brand

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Find one at a university near you

All the many struggles of being a middle class northerner

I am a constant disappointment

What his Tinder caption tells you about how he will fuck up your life

Work hard, play hard, CEO @ self-employed

Get ready for a night out and we will tell you where in the UK you belong

There is no such thing as too much highlighter

Space in Leeds is the worst night club in the UK, you are dumb if you think different

So many ironic crocodile onesies

Girls tell us why watching men cry is literally the hottest thing ever

My ovaries hurt

49 people to avoid at all costs this term because they will ruin everything

Never trust a girl in gym leggings

I went to McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day to see if I could find someone to date me

Nuggets > men

A look at the Tories of Bumble, how posh guys in tweed try to find love

‘Investment banker with a net worth of over 3.5 Billion…interested now?’

I’m sorry, but Engineering boys are low-key the fittest people at uni

Look, I am as shocked as you are ok

Two babies, a fight and plenty of cheating: Where are the stars of Love Island 2016 now?

Oh how the mighty hath fallen

I copied Kim K’s sports thot look for a day and I strongly recommend you don’t

People looked at me like they were concerned for my health

Gun fingers, gold chains and topless thirst traps: Can someone check if Liam Payne is okay?

Pretty sure people from Wolverhampton don’t say ‘yall’

Lidl ripoffs that are so shameless they should probably just apologise to the original brand

Nutella? Don’t you mean Notella

Girls are losing their minds over these £9 Primark jeans which are better than Jonis

And apparently they don’t even fade

Can everyone please stop captioning their pictures as ‘drinks with this one’

What does it mean though?