Annie Lord

Annie Lord


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Throw a house party and we’ll tell you who you should really hang out with

Looks like I’m hanging out with the rugby boys

We can tell whether you’re northern or southern based on your snow reactions

Someone get me an UBER I am dying out here

There are thirteen types of posh and I am about to tell you which one you are

Please say I am not signet ring posh

Remembering Sixth form college, the absolute peak of your teenage life

Why was there always a cool kid with a clothing brand

Meet Adi-daddy, the sexy everyman you wish you were getting with

Find one at a university near you

All the many struggles of being a middle class northerner

I am a constant disappointment

What his Tinder caption tells you about how he will fuck up your life

Work hard, play hard, CEO @ self-employed

Get ready for a night out and we will tell you where in the UK you belong

There is no such thing as too much highlighter

Girls tell us why watching men cry is literally the hottest thing ever

My ovaries hurt

49 people to avoid at all costs this term because they will ruin everything

Never trust a girl in gym leggings

I went to McDonald’s on Valentine’s Day to see if I could find someone to date me

Nuggets > men

Make your perfect pancake and we’ll tell you what type of boy you attract

Because Nutella defs means you like a bad boy

A look at the Tories of Bumble, how posh guys in tweed try to find love

‘Investment banker with a net worth of over 3.5 Billion…interested now?’

I’m sorry, but Engineering boys are low-key the fittest people at uni

Look, I am as shocked as you are ok

Two babies, a fight and plenty of cheating: Where are the stars of Love Island 2016 now?

Oh how the mighty hath fallen

I copied Kim K’s sports thot look for a day and I strongly recommend you don’t

People looked at me like they were concerned for my health

Gun fingers, gold chains and topless thirst traps: Can someone check if Liam Payne is okay?

Pretty sure people from Wolverhampton don’t say ‘yall’

Lidl ripoffs that are so shameless they should probably just apologise to the original brand

Nutella? Don’t you mean Notella

Girls are losing their minds over these £9 Primark jeans which are better than Jonis

And apparently they don’t even fade

Can everyone please stop captioning their pictures as ‘drinks with this one’

What does it mean though?

Can you guess these British high street shops just by their god awful changing rooms?

Topshop lighting makes me want an acid peel

To those who keep dressing like Peaky Blinders, you are not Tommy Shelby

This is peak hatfishing

Meet Kate Moss’ wild little sister Lottie, you will want to be her best friend forever

Your life sucks in comparison

This girl makes her hot Bumble matches pose with spoons to check they are real

I c o n i c

The rise of the fleece boy, when garden centre meets roadman

So here for outdoorsy fit

You are not allowed in the cool girl club unless you have an Urban Outfitters red puffer jacket

And no you can’t join

The bakery, speedy checkouts, the random aisle: Things you will only understand if you are a true believer in Lidl

Their baked goods should be available on the NHS

11 British country manors you could actually live in for less than £600 a month

Soirée in my drawing room tonight guys??

Are you a chicken nugget connoisseur? You can actually get paid to eat chicken nuggets

Pass the ketchup, I have found my calling

Here is what type of hoe you are based on your favourite night out takeaway

Pass the garlic mayo, I have a dick appointment in 10 mins

Fituation: The reason why you become fit in certain situations but not others

Feeling 10/10 walking into pres with my Echo Falls summer fruits

Rita Ora might actually be the most irrelevant popstar of all time

She peaked at R.I.P and why is she still famous, again?

People who choose to shower in the morning are sick in the head

Why would I wake up 15 mins earlier than I have to?

There is nothing wrong with IDing tracks ‘in the rave’, people can do what they want

Those guys in Huf socks need to stop thinking they own music

Revealed: These are the most-active unis on Bumble

Exeter are second probs because they’re bored af

Everything you’ll know if you’re a girl who is fully obsessed with makeup but never wear it

She’s still got better eyebrows than you

What it was really like being on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents from someone who stripped naked on it

How did they not know their mum was watching?

Can someone explain this epidemic where middle class boys are shaving their hair off

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

Calling time on the Versace fuckboy, the actual worst offender of this year

Yes Lewis Hamilton, I am talking to you

All I want for Christmas are these festive Clubbers of the Week

Let it snow VKs

Things girls weren’t allowed to do in 2017, according to men on the internet

Are you taking a selfie at the gym? BASIC

But why do Poundland’s Christmas adverts feature a woman being tea-bagged by an elf?

No, they haven’t been hacked

Expectation vs. reality: What will actually happen on New Year’s Eve

You thought it was going to be fun? Lol

No, Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo should not be the Prime Minister

She’s a 70-year-old Tory trapped in a Made in Chelsea character’s body

All the unavoidable things that will happen when you’re back home this Christmas

Enjoy the blue pitchers at Spoons, again

Youthquake is the word of the year, I asked people if they can actually guess what it means

Obviously they couldn’t

Dear Jennifer Lawrence, please can you stop pretending to be normal now

We get it, you love pizza

Every mortifying thing you’ll remember if you were an indie kid in the mid 2000s

Well now then Mardy Bum

Wait, is Jeremy Corbyn… hot?

This is weird

These new British life goals will confirm just how badly your life is going

Leave home at 21? AHAHAHHAHHA

These are the most fucked up conspiracy theories out there right now that will make you reassess life


Girl launches online appeal to find cheating boyfriend, after hearing him bragging to his mates on the train

If anyone knows a cheater called Ben, pls get in touch

Clothes that all British people have worn at some point, that should make you feel deep shame

Please stop

Can anyone explain why literally everyone has a New York skyline canvas in their living room?

Bet you’ve never actually been to New York

These are the most savage girls you’ll find in every WhatsApp group

‘Yaaaaaaas qweeeeen’

Don’t worry, here are some hot single royals you can still marry

If you like it then you should’a put a ring on it

Things you’ll only remember if you were a true dubstep fan from 2009 to 2011

‘Just wait for the drop’

I tried to eat and drink my way into making a profit from a first class train ticket

Pour it up, pour it up

Scientists confirm that red wine makes you feel slutty

I could have told you guys this years ago

We can guess exactly where you’re from in the UK based on your brunch preferences

Where’s the bacon at?

Remembering American Apparel Disco Pants: The trousers that made us all look like shiny lycra seals

Worn with Jeffery Campbell boots obviously

People who take the box room are the unsung heroes of Britain

An ode to those with no space

A fresher has set up a Go Fund Me so he can get back on the sesh

He had 17p in his bank account