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Tom Hank’s son Chet just dropped a bizarre rap video full of twerking and weed

What did Tom and Rita do to deserve this

There is a certain expectation that comes from having your name attached to one of the most respected and famous actors on this planet that you go on to do great things and respect the family name whilst doing so. We’ve seen it with Jaden Smith’s success in music and film in the footsteps of father Will, just as the Baldwins have a long reputation as a showbusiness family – but of all the names you’d expect to threaten this longstanding tradition, the last you’d expect would be the Hanks family.

This week the controversial son of the Hanks family, Chet Hanks, released his much anticipated “White Boy Summer” rap video after having made the phrase his official slogan, and it’s fair to say that it’s left people scratching their heads a little. So, let’s dive into the music video and see what’s so strange about it.

The video features public drinking, piles of weed and smashed bottles

If the spattering of tattoos across his body wasn’t enough to reinforce the bad boy image that Chet Hanks is trying to force down our throats, there are also a number of gangster tropes included in the video. The weed is legal as is the twerking, but the public drinking and smashing bottles ISN’T ON, Chet. >:(

Luckily, in the caption of one of the Instagram videos promoting the song, he wrote: “MOM AND DAD I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️” so we all good.

Chet’s use of the Jamaican patois returns once again

Those that weren’t familiar with Chet Hanks prior to this video may not be aware that he has garnered criticism in the past – mainly for his use of a Jamaican patois – something which is confusing to many as someone who doesn’t appear to have any particular ties with the region.

Just 39 seconds into the song you’ll be pleased to understand exactly what I’m getting at, but here’s a much better example of his bizarre Jamaican speech:

There are a number of… questionable lyrics in the video

As soon as the “I met a bad lil shawty up upon the dance” comes in at the start of the song you just know the rhyming OnlyFans reference is coming – but that’s not where the strange lyrics end. Here are some of my personal favourites:

  • I swear to God, man, as soon as you get a bag these bitches want to take it from you!
  • White girls love Madonna, girls wanna have fun – you can do it if you wanna!
  • C.H.E.T, yeah bitch, that’s me! Put respec’ on my name next time you see me!

The video ends with a plug for his White Boy Summer merch

I’m still undecided if these are the best ironic outfit for the incoming warm weather or they will be adopted by frat bros taking them seriously and chanting the slogan.

Time will tell, but I’m not going to lie – I’m on board with everything this man has got going on so far.

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