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Jojo Siwa to Addison Rae: These are the top 20 most followed TikTokers of 2021

Why is Will Smith here

Fame is achieved overnight on TikTok. Never before have you been able to record just seconds of video, upload it and have millions of eyes on you within hours – and the current most popular creators are a testament to that scary fact. It’s been widely reported that Charli D’Amelio is the most followed TikToker on the app, and she managed to do all this in the space of fewer than two years which is INSANE by anyone’s standards.

But what about the rest of the most followed TikTokers? Well, you’re about to learn that the class of 2021 is a weird mixture of super famous Hollywood actors, content creators from other platforms and… people that you’ve just never heard of. So, these are the top 20 most followed TikTokers of 2021 so far.

20. Gilmher Croes (@gilmhercroes) – 32.7m followers

@gilmhercroesSUGARCRASH😜 🎥: @iamtherealmf♬ Sugarcrash! – ElyOtto

Dad, I’m hungry! Hi “Hungry”, I’m dad!

If the above line was lost on you then you’re probably not aware of the Croes brothers (which is a good thing). Gilmher has built his way from the bottom, making slightly cringe-inducing content that relies on pulling lots of silly faces with his brother Jaden for years now.

It’s all pretty horrible to watch, but he’s been on TikTok since the early days so it’s no surprise that he’s landed on this list. He sits in the number 20 spot of most followed TikTokers.

19. Jojo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) – 33.3m followers

@itsjojosiwa##duet with @thebrianjames ABBYS ULTIMATE DANCE COMPETITION >>>>>>>>>♬ original sound – Brian

Next up is the people’s sweetheart – Jojo Siwa. She just can’t help but dominate every online platform she turns her hand to, and this one is no different with a very respectable 33.3m followers on TikTok to add to her millions elsewhere.

18. The Rock (@therock) – 33.8m followers

@therockReply to @the.f.b.i_ Welcome to ##RockTok 👊🏾♬ Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

One of the many celebrities we wish would just stick to making massively overrated movies (there’s more where that came from on this list), The Rock takes the 18th place of most followed TikTokers with 33.8m followers.

17. Baby Ariel (@babyariel) – 34.5m followers

@babyarielreminder: we only post what we want others to see♬ creds to ellie abebe for the trend – ghost girl 🖤

Baby Ariel is not a creator that I was familiar with before writing this article, but it’s clear to see that she’s a bit of a legend when it comes to TikTok, having survived since the days of

16. Burak Özdemir (@cznburak) – 36m followers

@cznburakCzn farkıyla Karışık Patlıcan sever misiniz?😂❤️🤗🥩🙈 ##cznburak ##tiktok♬ orijinal ses – cznburak

I guarantee you’ve seen this chap’s videos all over Facebook, making food that sometimes looks really nice, and other times not so much. His speciality seems to be big platters of party food that he prepares for our absolute delight as viewers, all the while with a maniacal grin on his face. Kind of creepy actually.

15. James Charles (@jamescharles) – 35.8m followers

@jamescharlesknock knock♬ For Me – Chase B & OMB Bloodbath & KenTheMan

James Charles is best known for his makeup videos on YouTube, but he’s also killing it on TikTok with 35.8m followers. At one point, his Christmas house decoration video was one of the most viewed on the app.

14. Brent Rivera (@brentrivera) – 37m followers

@brentriveraShe can’t stop me😂 @pierson♬ Don’t Stop Me Now – Remastered 2011 – Queen

Vine, Instagram, YouTube and now TikTok. This guy lives and breathes viral video content, so it’s no surprise that he has 37m followers on TikTok.

13. Kimberly Loaiza (@kimberly.loaiza) – 38.7m followers

@kimberly.loaizaBorrador 😅 @jdpantoja♬ ya no me quieres – Alma Geronimo Padill

Kimberley Loaiza is a Mexican creator who has a healthy 38.7m followers.

12. Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) – 43.9m followers

@jasonderuloBts of ##naturescereal♬ Coffee Music – Cafe Music BGM channel

What? A full-on musician who is also popular on TikTok?

Jason Derulo has been making TikTok videos for a while, but he really came into his own during a worldwide pandemic, which really says a lot. He seems to be a bit of a hit because he’s in 12th place in the entire world – and we all know how hard it is for musicians to make it on TikTok.

11. Riyaz Aly (@riyaz.14) – 44m followers

@riyaz.14🙈❤️ ##duetwithriyaz ##riyaz♬ Hulara-Ishara Akh Da – J Star

Another unfamiliar name on the list, I had never heard of or watched any of Riyaz’s videos until now. Now that I have, I can’t say I’m inclined to continue. Part of that might be due to the fact that he hasn’t uploaded in nearly a year.

10. Michael Le (@justmaiko) – 46.8m followers

@justmaikodamn.. he got me there🥲♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

At one point Michael Le, also known as @justmaiko, was known for having the most-watched video on the entire app. Whilst that is no longer the case, he still remains an extremely popular creator with 46.8m followers.

9. Will Smith (@willsmith) – 49.1m followers

@willsmithI’m a triple threat: I’m an actor, rapper, and whatever this is.♬ original sound – Amir Yass

You know what we said about The Rock earlier? Yeah, the less said the better.

8. Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio) – 50.1m followers

@dixiedamelio@charlidamelio♬ Be Happy – Dixie D’Amelio

Shock, right? Dixie D’Amelio, sister of popular TikToker Charli, is in eighth place with 50.1m followers. She is currently dating Noah Beck, a fellow TikToker, and her popularity doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere following several controversies.

7. Loren Gray (@lorengray) – 51.7m followers

@lorengray##stitch with @arealdilemmaa wat did i do justin♬ original sound – Loren Gray

Loren Gray comes in at seventh place with 51.7 million followers and nearly three billion likes. Nuts.

6. TikTok (@tiktok) – 51.9m followers

@tiktok@brittany_broski and @jasonrodelo discuss loving what you create on ##ForYouPodcast. Listen and subscribe for new episodes each week!♬ original sound – TikTok

How could TikTok not have lots of TikTok followers on TikTok? They’re sixth place in the most followed TikTokers on TikTok.

5. Spencer Polanco Knight (@spencerx) – 51.9m followers

@spencerxThis will always blow my mind 👄💥🤯♬ original sound – Spencer X

SpencerX is a beatboxer, which makes him automatically annoying to spend time with. Really, is there anything more irritating than someone who is good at beatboxing? Regardless of your thoughts on vocal percussion (which should be that it’s very, very bad), it’s clearly worked out for him for he has accrued 51.9 million followers.

4. Zach King (@zachking) – 57.8m followers

@zachkingSomething magical showed up in the mail from @mercedesbenz ##Cclass ##ad♬ original sound – Zach King

You’ve likely seen Zach King’s videos, whether it was on Vine, or now TikTok. You know the ones – he does loads of mind-bending optical illusions and magic tricks.

3. Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch) – 59.2m followers

@bellapoarchNo more hotels for me🥰🦙♬ For Me – Chase B & OMB Bloodbath & KenTheMan

Bella Poarch is seen as the innovator of the face tracking “cutesy” singalong videos, and with good reason – her rendition of “It’s M to the B” was viewed millions of times and remains the most-watched video on the app. She currently sits at an impressive 59.2m followers.

2. Addison Rae (@addisonre) – 78.3m followers

@addisonre@blackbeanieboyy ‘s was so good I had to recreate it♬ Gucci Flip Flops – Bhad Bhabie,Lil Yachty

At the number two spot, with 78.3m followers, is friend of the Kardashians and on and off girlfriend of scumbag Bryce Hall, Addison Rae! The last we heard from Addison, she earned five million dollars in just a year of TikTok, and with the follower numbers having grown largely, she’s likely earned a lot more since.

For those curious about who managed to snatch the handle @addisonrae before she did – so was I – and there were no results whatsoever.

1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) – 110.6m followers

@charlidamelio ♬ Originalton – †

Who else could it be?

At the top spot of the most followed TikTokers, with a ridiculous 11o.6m followers, which eclipses the amount of followers that pretty much anyone has anywhere else (discounting a few names on YouTube), Charli is undeniably the queen of TikTok. She’s done the Superbowl ad, she’s worked with all the big brands, and she’s just insanely famous and rich.

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