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What is the strange arm gesture that everyone is doing on TikTok right now?

I can’t stop doing it help

Why, just when you think you’ve caught up with the latest TikTok trends, something comes along that leaves you scratching your head all over again? And to add insult to injury, unfortunately the latest confusing trend is so cryptic that it even evades words, boiling down to a simple gesture that doesn’t become any clearer by watching several videos. It is, of course, the TikTok arm gesture.

You know the one – when they finish off the video by pressing two fingers to their arm as if checking their pulse. From the outside, this arm gesture makes absolutely no sense, but it turns out that there is actually some remnants of meaning behind it (sort of). So, here’s what the TikTok arm gesture means.

@donatellaaastory of my life ##fyp♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

What does the arm gesture on TikTok mean?

The TikTok arm gesture is done alongside making a revelation to viewers, and so therefore suggests that someone is telling the absolute truth. Yes, it’s stupid. Yes, it seems to be completely nonsensical. Yes, I can’t stop doing it.

Why the gesture mimics checking your pulse after being honest with your viewers? That really is down to whichever English teacher-like analysis you want to apply to it, but it’s been suggested it could be because your heart rate would be faster by telling someone personal details about your life.

The gesture, therefore, suggests that you’re being completely honest with your followers, telling them something intensely personal. Obviously, people on the internet drag every bit of humour down to a subhuman level of irony eventually, and people are already accompanying it with that lip biting, eye squinting face (á la Josh Morris). If the above explanation didn’t cut it, take a look at the following examples and you’ll get the picture:

@macelneserfacts😌🤚🏻♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

@zekoolaidguyidk why it’s just so hard to beat them when they do that ##fyp ##viral ##relatable ##siblings♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

@cheechandchongSoulmates = Bowlmates 💚 ##fyp♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

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