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Meet Joshua Haynesworth-Polen, Casey Frey’s new boyfriend

He’s a barber from LA

Casey Frey is a social media legend, having entertained us with strange dancing and off-kilter humour from back in the archaic days of Vine up to today where he is a fully certified Instagram comedian™ – but we haven’t had much information about his romantic life until this week – when he announced that he has a boyfriend by the name of Joshua Haynesworth-Polen.

Speaking with Theo Von on the This Past Weekend podcast in typical nonchalant fashion, Frey revealed that he was bisexual and “dating a dude”. But who exactly is the boyfriend that Casey Frey is currently dating? Well, the internet has been doing some serious digging, and we can now reveal everything we know about Casey Frey’s new boyfriend, Joshua Haynesworth-Polen.

@diariesof4fatgirllast tik tok I posted Casey’s bf (peep profile) ##greenscreen ##caseyfrey ##vine ##fypシ ##lgbtq ##queer ##gay ##bi ##happypridemonth

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Joshua Haynesworth-Polen is a 30-year-old barber

We learn from his social media accounts that Joshua Haynesworth-Polen is a 30-year-old barber from Los Angeles who identifies as queer.

His barber Instagram shows that he has cut Casey’s hair on many separate occasions at the shop in Hollywood, going back as early as October 2020.

They have potentially been dating since January

Although his professional account has been publically accessible for a while, it was only recently when a screenshot of the below post from Josh’s private Instagram and Frey’s statement on the podcast that the relationship seemed to be confirmed.

On Joshua Haynesworth-Polen’s private Instagram is a bio that reads: “IF I DONT KNOW YOU I AM NOT ACCEPTING YOUR REQUEST” – you know, before you even thought of shooting him a follow.

Joshua Haynesworth-Polen has a TikTok account

@yung_thiccumsWe’re living in flesh prisons ##fyp ##fattiktok ##queer ##beartiktok ##gaytiktok ##bodypositivity

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On the account which has eight videos, as well as on his other social media profiles, he speaks about social and political issues and areas that he is passionate about. These include the endorsement of Black Lives Matter, discussion of body positivity and the issue of white privilege in racial discourse.

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