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‘ONG’ explained: What is the strange phrase that everyone is using on TikTok?

Even the paparazzi team Bryce ONG

For better or worse, TikTok slang has permanently inserted itself into the English lexicon, and whilst some phrases such as “cheugy” and “caught in 4k” are on their way out – the latest word to spread like wildfire on the app is “ONG”. Nope, you may well think that this is simply a typo used on a mass scale where people intended to exclaim OMG, but it’s an actual abbreviation that genuinely means something completely different.

So, what does ONG stand for? Who started saying ONG and how has it spread so fast? And are even the paparazzi team Bryce, ONG? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest TikTok slang to sweep the app.

@itsjosezarate@tanamongeaulol is team @brycehall 👀👀👀 ##tanamongeaulol##brycehall##austinmcbroom##youtubevstiktok##teambryce##teamaustin##fyp♬ original sound – jose

What does ONG mean on TikTok?

For those that didn’t spot the Tana Mongeau reference from a mile off, ONG is an abbreviation for “On God”. Although popularised by Mongeau and her #teambryce support, the saying has been around forever and it’s only on TikTok where it’s been shortened to three letters – because everyone is clearly too lazy to type the whole thing.

And in what circumstance do you actually use ONG? Well, it is used either when you thoroughly agree with what someone is saying, or as a way to emphasise what you’re saying.

@thewh0renextdoor_##goodolddays ##fyp ##ong♬ original sound – females

For example, if you’re favouring one particular side when it comes to a YouTubers v TikTokers boxing event, you may want to declare your preference for one side before adding “on God!” at the end.

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