backyardigans quiz

QUIZ: Venture into the thick of it with this Backyardigans lyrics quiz

International super spies only ❌

The Backyardigans have monopolised TikTok in the last few weeks, having several of their catchy tunes trend worldwide. It all started with Castaways, with Into The Thick of It following quickly behind. Now that we’re well and truly in an International Super Spy era, they’ve consolidated their return as one of the biggest animated series, and it’s fair to say that considering each episode of The Backyardigans featured four songs, there may well be a load more of their backlog yet to pop off on TikTok.

However, until that happens, we’re going to have to make do with a Backyardigans lyrics quiz based upon the three that we’ve heard the most of so far: Into The Thick Of It, Castaways and International Super Spy. Best of luck.

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