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TikTok’s Joshua ‘Worldoftshirts’ Block apologises for stamping repeatedly on a fish

‘It was a very terrible thing I did’

Joshua “Worldoftshirts” Block has apologised after footage was shared on TikTok and Reddit showing him stamping repeatedly on a fish.

In the apology video, which was uploaded to his TikTok account on Saturday, he claims that the fish was dead already but that it was “still wrong” and a “very terrible” thing to do.

The apology has over 800,000 likes and the comments section appears to be mixed, with one user saying: “It’s okay Josh just don’t do it again buddy,” whilst another claims that the way Josh killed the fish “scares [him] genuinely.”

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“I sincerely apologise about stomping the fish,” Josh said in his apology. “The fish was dead but it was still wrong. Please forgive me. I’m sorry, it was a very terrible thing I did.”

In the video, which was shared to the r/worldoftshirts subreddit, Josh can be seen running over to the pavement with the fish before throwing it to the ground and repeatedly stamping on it.

Picking it up again, he repeats the process and over the course of the minute-long video proceeds to stamp until the fish is in pieces on the pavement.

Josh followed up with another apology in the comments, again claiming that the fish was dead before he stomped on it. Whilst it’s unknown why he thought it was a good idea to do this in the first place, he said on an Instagram Live video that he was “set up” by the person who filmed him and that it was posted in an attempt to “cancel” him.

In the follow-up video, he apologises again but follows with a speech on cancel culture, telling his followers: “You guys can’t cancel me”.

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