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QUIZ: Only a true TikTok nerd will get full marks in this TikTok slang quiz

POV: You got caught in 4K being cheugy with Candice

In order to get the full experience from TikTok, you firstly have to understand the whole dictionary’s worth of TikTok slang that comes with it. It’s like every time you take a peek into the comments section, you’re met with a whole load of unfamiliar words that might as well mean nothing – who is Heather? Why is everyone talking about Candice? Why does that one guy keep telling everyone his first name is Deez? And wtf does PFP mean?!

It takes a true TikTok obsessive to understand the majority of these nonsense phrases and words – a TikTok obsessive that may well be reading this exact sentence! Well, below are 13 TikTok slang terms, and all you must do is correctly identify what they mean in normal English. Trust me, this isn’t an easy TikTok slang quiz:

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