chupapi muñañyo

What does ‘chupapi muñañyo’ mean and why it is such a popular phrase on TikTok?


If you’re one of those people that gets TikTok audios and phrases quickly stuck in their head, you’ve likely come across this strange phrase that users of the app have been obsessed with for a while – chupapi muñañyo. Whether it’s being screamed at an innocent citizen in the street or being chanted by a load of footie boys in locker rooms, the phrase has become known as a kind of nonsensical battle cry – similar to “sheesh!”.

But what does chupapi muñayño actually translate as? Where did this phrase come from and why is everyone on TikTok screaming it? Here’s everything we know about the slightly irritating catchphrase to sweep the app right now – the chupapi muñañyo TikTok audio.

What does chupapi muñañyo actually mean?

First of all, you’ve likely come here for a literal translation – what could this strange Spanish phrase possibly mean that has so many people endlessly chanting it around the world?

Nothing. It is literally nonsense. Despite an Urban Dictionary entry claiming that it literally translates to “suck my dick, papa”, it appears that the word muñañyo has no meaning whatsoever in the Spanish dictionary and is likely just made up nonsense designed to make people confused.

@jaykindafunny8Muyayoooo #fyp #foryou #tiktok♬ original sound – Chupapi Muñañyo ✨

Although the phrase appears to have been used since 2020, it is user @jaykindafunny8 who has undoubtedly popularised it for the masses, using the phrase in a number of videos where he walks up to people and scares them by screaming it completely unannounced.

His most famous video using the iconic phrase has got nearly 14 million likes. In it, he screams through a tube at an innocent man and looks like he’s about to be assaulted in the process.

@jaykindafunny8He got happy 😃 #fyp #foryou #muñañyo♬ original sound – Chupapi Muñañyo ✨

And that’s really all there is to it. A nonsense phrase for nonsense people. A very happy CHUPAPI MUÑAÑYO to all my brothers and sisters out there!

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