tiktoker raw chicken

TikToker horrifies the internet by eating large chunks of raw chicken

Apparently she has ‘always done it’

Whilst TikTok is a great place to can blow off some steam and have a giggle whenever you find yourself with some free time, you’ve got to admit that it’s equally a depraved place of borderline evil where people push the boundaries of content creation to the furthest degree for internet fame – and the most recent unsettling video to blow up seems to prove just this.

In what can only be described as the latest I should just delete the entire damn app moment, a man can be seen feeding large chunks of raw chicken to a lady whilst chirping “nom nom” at her.

I know. And the worst bit of this nightmarish footage? In the comments section Emma, the TikToker who consumed said raw chicken, fully backs the practice as a way of preventing illness.

@emmawoodward16f#fyp♬ original sound – Emma Woodward

Whilst I give you some time to get over the trauma that the above video has likely imparted, of all the humorous comments that have been left on the video (which have now unfortunately been restricted by the uploader), the top simply reads: “In A&E dead”, and with good reason surely!

I mean, weren’t we always taught that even consuming raw cake batter could make us ill? Emma claims in the comments section that she has been consuming raw chicken for a while without becoming sick – so is there any truth in eating raw chicken being remotely good for you?

No. Healthline has a whole article about raw chicken dishes, telling us that chicken is actually one of the worst foods for food poisoning and should be avoided at all costs: “Eating raw chicken only increases your risk for Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria. There is no safe raw chicken.”

Yikes. So although this TikToker can eat raw chicken without getting ill, it certainly seems like this is inadvisable as it’s just a lottery whether you do or don’t. Just in case you were thinking of giving it a go.

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