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Explained: What is the TikTok Spongebob cult and how did it start?

Long live the Spongebob cult

While TikTok has long-established its place as the home of immature jokes and childish videos, the latest PFP in-joke is certainly bucking no trends – and it’s called the TikTok Spongebob cult. You’ve likely seen the Spongebob profile pictures sweeping the app like wildfire in various comments sections, but it’s not immediately clear why people are doing this or what even this deformed version of Spongebob is supposed to be.

So, what is the TikTok Spongebob cult and why do they want to take over the app? Is there a particular reason that everyone is changing their PFPs to Spongebob? And why does he look so… disfigured? Here’s everything we know about the TikTok Spongebob cult.

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What is the TikTok Spongebob cult?

The TikTok Spongebob cult is essentially a load of people who have decided to come together and change their profile pictures to a picture of Spongebob. Why, exactly? Well, it seems to be just… ‘cos.

Similar to the Hamster cult, the idea is to get as many people to join the cult as possible and effectively take over TikTok. That’s right, if they had their way then every single profile picture on TikTok would be the same sloped ice cream face of a Spongepop ice lolly.

Where did the TikTok Spongebob cult PFP come from?

Nobody seems to know exactly where the picture came from, but Spongebob-related products have been memed for many years so it was only a matter of time before we got ourselves a brand spanking new meme out of Bikini Bottom.

Having said that, it has been suggested that the cult could have started off the back of a recent news story in which a four-year-old boy bought 51 boxes of Spongebob ice lollies on his mum’s Amazon account for a painful $2,618.

Due to the nature of the product, Amazon refused to return the items and unfortunately 918 of the lollies melted due to lack of freezer space and probably ended up looking very similar to the above picture.

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