Ok so why is TikTok full of hamster profile pictures? The new cult explained

Yeah so, this is happening

You might have recently gone on TikTok and seen your for you page or the comments section on videos littered with people who have a hamster as their profile picture. Yes, TikTok can be a weird place at times, but this has probably got you questioning what’s going on.

The hamster profile pictures is actually another example of a TikTok cult – which are quickly becoming a huge trend and thing people are getting involved in. It’s basically when a bunch of TikTok users come together and try to “take over” the app, or sections of it at least. They usually change their profile pictures (or if you’re down with Gen Z, their pfp) all to the same thing, and comment weird things, again always the same, on videos.

The most recent example of this happening is the hamster cult. So here’s a full explainer of what’s going on.

Where did the hamster TikTok cult first start and why?

This cult was started by Gen Z TikTok to counter the Lana Del Rey cult. Yes, really. This cult is basically just full of Lana Del Rey stans who back and defend her and promote her music. So if you’re looking for a short explanation as to where the hamster cult started, it was just because someone wanted to make one bigger, and because they could really.

How do you join the TikTok hamster cult?

There are very little requirements needed to become a fully fledged member of the hamster TikTok cult. All you have to do is change your profile picture to the hamster picture, follow every other hamster profile picture you see and comment on as many videos you can about being pro-hamster cult and how it’s the best thing to ever grace the app.

The only thing to be aware of is, only one specific hamster picture will do – this isn’t just any old pic of a hamster you can find on the internet. The hamster in question is the staring hamster meme. This picture went viral after someone uploaded it in 2019, saying they had caught their pet looking straight into the camera.

But after that, you’re pretty much set to go. Enjoy.

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