tiktok innocence test

Are you as innocent as you think? Take the TikTok innocence test to find out

Have you ever DRANK a BEER

Just when you thought there wasn’t an infinite number of ways in which you could find out things you most likely already knew about yourself online, 2020 is about to be rounded off with one final rendition, and it’s taking TikTok by storm. The TikTok innocence test is the latest craze right now due to its accuracy in telling you just how innocent you are, and the premise is simple – answer a load of statements honestly, get your percentage of innocence.

But how do I do the innocence test from TikTok? Is it actually reliable? Should I stop taking quizzes that pretty much ensure a result I won’t be happy with? Probably, but in the meantime here are the answers to every question you have about the TikTok innocence test.

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How do I do the TikTok innocence test?

The TikTok innocence test is a bit of a long one, to be quite honest, but quite worth it if you have the time. If this, as well as being given a hint at the kind of questions they ask above, hasn’t deterred you from finding out just how innocent you are, here are the steps:

  • Click here to go through to the TikTok innocence test website.
  • Scroll through the emoji-encrusted statements and select those that apply to you.
  • Once you’re done, click “calculate my score” and you’ll get a number out of 100 with an accompanying statement telling you exactly how innocent you are.

And that’s it! Obviously, you have to gloat about just how rebellious you are on TikTok now (duh), so make sure to share how innocent (or un-innocent) you are with your followers afterwards.

Is the TikTok innocence test scientific?

Well, as scientific as a quiz that asks “given head 🧠” as a question can possibly be, but there is a little bit of academic theory behind it.

The site reveals that in the 80s there was a test called the Rice Purity Test that was a survey of 100 questions at Rice University, Houston. The university would use this to assess how innocent a person was based on various topics such as sex and drugs. The TikTok innocence test describes itself as a modern-day “re-imagining of the classic purity test.”

There’s some pretty raunchy stuff in there, but it is certainly accurate for a younger generation, and at least they’ve got a warning for young impressionable users of the test: “NOTE: The Innocence Test is not a bucket list, nor do we endorse the behaviours listed below.” Enjoy!

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