How do I do the pretty scale test that’s everywhere right now?



If you ever needed proof that social media thrives from people’s need to validate themselves, only to become perpetually invalidated again and again on a daily basis by others proving that they’re seemingly more beautiful, funnier and living a much better life than you, let this be it – people on TikTok and Twitter are sharing results from the pretty scale beauty analysis test that tells you how attractive you are to an exact percentage. As if we didn’t feel bad enough about ourselves already, now we have an exact numeral figure!

That being said, you’ve got to be kidding me if you think I didn’t want to LEAP onto the calculator to find my results. But how do I do the pretty scale beauty analysis test? Is it even accurate or is the pretty scale beauty analysis test just another silly internet craze? Will my Instagram followers ever find me attractive ever again?

How do I use the pretty scale beauty analysis test?

It’s very simple. Click through to the website, where you’ll be asked to choose a rating on either your face or body. Once this is done, you’ll be met with a large warning sign that tells you not to take the test if you have low self-esteem and/or self-confidence issues – okay, I mean… I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have either of those things, but cool.

Select your gender, take a picture or upload one, and this is where it gets fun (if by fun you mean having to outline the dimensions of your face for several minutes in order to get your result). Anyway, once you’ve gone through the various parts where you measure your face up against the ideal dimensions, it will give you your result – and I’m happy to announce that I’m better than all of you and your self-esteem should be at an all-time low from here on out:

pretty scale beauty analysis test

Small chin gang

Obviously, this is all a bit of stupid fun and you shouldn’t take stuff like this seriously. Your webcam or phone camera isn’t going to show the dimensions of your face in a realistic way, so don’t get worked up over it. You’re all beautiful!

Most of you at least. Where are all my small-chinned brothas at?!

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