Ok, so why is coconut oil all over TikTok right now?

I will never see coconut oil in the same way

In case you missed it, coconut oil is taking over TikTok. But this time it’s not for beauty hacks or cooking tips, no, no, it was used in a leaked home video tape.

The leaked video allegedly features influencer Jay Alvarrez and Russian model Sveta Bilyalova. The coconut oil was heated up in a kettle and then used by the two.

The video was brought to the internet’s attention when Logan Paul and Mike Majlak discussed the tape on the Impaulsive podcast after Mike was sent a link to the video.

Everyone on Twitter and TikTok has been going mad for the video. Mainly a lot of people questioning the safety of heating up coconut oil in a kettle. There’s also been reviews of the cinematography as the video appears to be professionally made.

And the music also gets a lot of attention thanks to the song “Pass That Dutch” being played in the background, which is also used in Mean Girls and I will never see that scene in the same way again.

People have also been making TikTok videos of them watching the video for the first time. And naturally there’s a load of coconut TikTok memes on Twitter.

Jay Alvarrez is a model, Instagrammer and travel blogger. He currently has over six million followers on Instagram and he used to date the model Alexis Ren.

Featured image credit before edits: Margit Umbach on Unsplash

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