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Who is the number 7 guy everyone is simping over on TikTok?

Girls are calling him the ‘real life Troy Bolton’

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you’ll probably have seen the video of a bunch of American football players dancing around in a locker room. And one player in particular has got everyone’s attention – number 7.

In case you’re unaware of the video, it features a Michigan football team, the Spartans, dancing around the locker room to Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston’s “Eenie Meenie” song.

It was originally uploaded by a student and videographer @rawrits.alex and got two million likes before TikTok took it down. Thankfully @rawrits.alex has uploaded it again and now it has two and a half million likes. It was filmed on the team’s last season game on 23rd October before being uploaded in November.

@rawrits.alexOnly the best ##football ##videography ##lockerroom ##dancing♬ original sound – Rawr

There’s dance solos, back flips and a lot of jumping up and down. And amongst the team is one particular player, the guy everyone is obsessed with, number 7 aka Caden Woodall.

Caden starts the video lip syncing to the song and has collectively made the girls of the internet swoon.  One called him the “real life Troy Bolton” and another said “the first dude could break my heart and I’d say sorry”. So it’s safe to say everyone is in love with him.

This is everything we know about player number 7 Caden Woodall:

Who exactly is player number 7?

Caden Woodall is one of the players on a Michigan football team called the Spartans and he’s currently in the running to be chosen as Michigan High School’s Football Player of The Year.

Next year he will be attend Harvard for college, but also received offers from Yale and Princeton to study and play football there.

What has he said about the video?

In an interview with MLive, Caden said he found going viral “interesting” and that he’s just a “regular kid”.

He said: “I got some new found fame this week. It’s becoming of a trend thing right now, which is very interesting.”

number 7 tiktok

When speaking about the song choice, Caden said it was one of the “throwback songs that we all listen to”. He also said he’s very grateful the popularity of the video has got him more votes for the Michigan High School’s Football Player of The Year.

He said: “It’s very cool. I mean, obviously, the support has been overwhelming, including the poll. I’m really grateful, honestly. I feel like, I don’t know, like I don’t deserve it. It’s very odd to me, but it doesn’t mean I’m extremely grateful for it all.”

Is Caden Woodall single?

Yes, you will all be pleased to know that Caden is single. In his interview with MLive he said he didn’t mind getting attention from girls as he’s “single, so it’s all good.”

Does Caden Woodall have TikTok?

@cadenwoodallhey guys ##7 here, video cred @rawrits.alex , @lnolan_07 @landenmacek @jcantrell207 @maxims81 ##fyp♬ original sound – Rawr

Caden stared his own TikTok account @cadenwoodall and already has nearly 700k followers. So far he’s only posted one video which involves him and his mates driving around on a golf cart to Eenie Meenie again. It’s had nearly 17 million views in less than 24 hours since it went up.

Does Caden Woodall have Instagram?

Caden does have Instagram, his profile is @cadenw34 and he only has a few posts which are of him playing football.

What is number 7 TikTok?

Thanks to the video’s popularity, people are flooding TikToks with simpy reactions and reposts of the video. So if you see #number7 on TikTok for the next few weeks, know it’s all to do with Caden.

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