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Are you Alpha, Beta or Omega? Take the TikTok Omegaverse quiz to find out

I’m beta than u

Whilst the TikTok innocence test told you how innocent you were and the TikTok psychoanalysis test equally tried to work you out down to a microscopic level, the TikTok Omegaverse quiz is a little different. Essentially, it puts you into one of three boxes – Alpha, Beta or Omega – based upon your answers to a number of questions that seek to determine how dominant your personality is.

Yes, this quiz is kind of weird at points. I mean, one of the questions asks whether you like furries (which should obviously be a big fat NO), but the outcome is honestly so worth the wait. So, carry on reading to find out exactly how to take the TikTok Omegaverse quiz.

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How do I take the TikTok Omegaverse quiz?

You have to be a bit of an internet person to do this quiz. Like, fanfic and podcast levels of internet person, but we move (such an Alpha quality!). You want to find out just how Alpha, Beta or Omega you are? Well, it’s pretty easy, and all you need to do is answer 15 questions based upon a range of topics:



  • Enter your name, and answer the following 15 questions. It will ask you a load of weird and seemingly unrelated questions such as what position you sleep in and what your favourite type of wolf is, but just trust the process.


  • At the end, you’ll be assigned your Alpha/Beta/Omega role.


And that’s all there is to it! If you’re not familiar with the whole Alpha and omega thing, essentially it starts with the Alpha that is the strongest of the pack. They’re leaders who can be aggressive and often get their way.

They are followed by Betas, who are second in rank. They are normal people who borrow aspects from both Alpha and Omega. Finally, Omegas are the lowest in rank. They are often submissive and quieter than Alpha and Beta.

If you got Omega, I’m sorry you had to read the result, but so did we.

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