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People are just finding out that ‘Ray Ban’ isn’t actually a sunglasses designer

Ray-Ban… they ban rays…

There are a lot of false assumptions in this here world. Not every vacuum cleaner is called a Hoover, for instance, just as this week has taught us that “caterpillar cake” is not a word that is simultaneous with one brand. However, the latest revelation comes from the fashion world, where people are only just discovering that Ray-Ban sunglasses – you know, the Aviators and Wayfarers and what-have-you – are not actually designed by a man called Ray Ban.

That’s right. There isn’t a super trendy fashion designer with a perfectly groomed moustache named Raymond Ban walking the earth right now, for it turns out the real idea behind the name is due to the fact that they ban rays from entering your poor little eyeballs.

The conversation started with the above tweet by @elenawonders, who said she felt “remarkably dumb” after realising that Ray Ban is an action as opposed to a person: “Today I learned Ray Ban is not a person, but an action that the sunglasses do: ban rays.”

However, it seems it wasn’t just Elena who felt extremely stupid learning this, for many commenters also expressed their disbelief that Ray Ban isn’t actually a real person.

“But they don’t ban rays,” said one rightly enraged commenter, steam practically blowing from his ears. “[They] just reduce the harm caused by rays. I hereby insist they are called Ray Reducer from now on.”

Created in 1936 by eyewear company Bausch and Lomb, Ray-Ban became a staple fashion brand following their use in the military, with many prominent Hollywood personalities styling them out over the years.

They really should’ve just called them Ban-Ray and saved us the confusion all along.

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