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Only a diehard Swifty will score 15/15 in this Taylor Swift lyrics quiz

Nice to meet you, where you been?

The Taylor Swift fanbase is one of the most devoted on this planet. And it’s a little scary sometimes. The hype she creates every time she even hints that she might be dropping music goes far beyond that of other artists, and you get the impression that her fans really do love her more than most. Whilst Taylor has a hefty backlog of music spanning many years now, it’s likely that her superfans have memorised every single lyric down to the specific punctuation.

So, from the obvious top of the chart lyrics to the most obscure challenging ones, here are 15 lines from Taylor’s songs – and all you have to do is tell us what comes next. Easy, right? Well, you won’t score full marks in this Taylor Swift lyrics quiz unless you’re an all-out superfan, it really is that simple.


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