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This TikToker discovered a quick hack that saves BIG money on Uber rides

If only we knew this sooner

As the world begins to open up once again, Ubers will undoubtedly come back into heavy use for those of us that can’t help but drain our pockets even furhter after a night out. In our defence, they’re so much cheaper than taxis, but we probs still spend far too much on them when all things are considered. Well, what if there was a way in which you could save big money on every single Uber you order, and it requires nothing more than an extra couple minutes of your time? Introducing the TikTok Uber hack!

A TikToker has discovered a quick hack that does just this, and it really couldn’t be simpler. So, ready yourself to save some serious money this summer because this is how you will keep up to 50 per cent of your Uber fair (and over!) with the TikTok Uber hack.

@savannahampSCHEDULE YOUR UBERS so much cheaper!! Your welcome. Even 10 mins takes off so much ##uberhack ##schedulerides ##cheapubers♬ original sound – Savannah A

How do I save money with the TikTok Uber hack?

Yes, you’re probably still going to spend hundreds on Ubers in the coming months, but this hack will at least ease the strain on your wallet – and here’s how it’s done.


  • Open the Uber app and enter the location that you want to travel to.


  • The various prices will appear for different tiers of Uber ride, but they are TOO DAMN HIGH!


  • Let’s change that. Tap on the Schedule Ride button (the car with the clock) in the bottom right of the screen next to the Confirm Uber button.


  • Now reenter the destination and schedule the pickup to be pushed back by 10 minutes.


And that’s it! Your Uber should now be a lot cheaper, dependant on various factors such as geographical location and surge pricing. As you can see from the above example, the TikTok Uber hack can save well over 50 per cent of the overall ride cost.

Now the next task is to remember this hack when you’re half-cut on a Friday night…

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