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How to get the ‘Big Face’ filter that everyone’s using on TikTok atm

More fun than it should be

Although there have been various ways to alter the way you look and sound since the very first archaic iPhones came out, that hasn’t stopped people from entertaining themselves on TikTok by altering their appearance in a range of humorous ways with a plethora of filters. The no beard filter swept through for several weeks making men look once again like prepubescent boys, as did the old person filter, however now is the turn of the Big Face filter, the latest craze that essentially… makes your face bigger.

Whilst you’ve seen the videos of people applying the Big Face filter 10 times and catfishing their mates with it, there are likely a few questions to be answered – because it isn’t all that easy to understand how to use the filter. So, how do I used the Big Face filter? Do I need to download any apps to get it? Here’s how to use the Big Face filter for yourself.

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How do I get the Big Face filter?

As you may well have expected, this is the work of FaceApp, an app that has come in and out of popularity multiple times through various memes and Twitter trends in the last few years. You will have seen it making people look older, younger, genderswapped – the works – and here’s how you use it for yourself:

  • Go to the app store and download FaceApp


  • Upload a clear photo to the app of you facing the camera


  • Swipe through the filters at the bottom until you find the ‘Sizes’ section, and then select the ‘Big Face’ filter


And that’s all there is to it! Now you can add a whole load of creepy filters to your photos including fake smiles, larger noses and beards amongst many other effects. Who said social media was fake anyway?

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