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Everything Ollie Ball and Jacob have been up to since their viral TikTok fame

Ollie Ball has a merch line

Ollie Ball and Jacob have completely taken over TikTok. It’s like you can’t go on the app without one of their videos inevitably popping up, and it’s not just normal timewasters like us who have noticed. The two lads seem to have been consistently busy with brands and celebrities alike since becoming viral on the app, with everyone from music producers to podcasters wanting a slice of the action.

So, now that we know what Ollie Ball and Jacob are all about, let’s take a look back at what exactly the two Bolton lads have been up to since they popped off on TikTok.

They featured in a BBC Newsround special

Amongst their notable media appearances since taking over TikTok is their piece with BBC Newsround, which gave us a peak inside their rise to fame and a little tour of their school buildings.

In the video, the boys say that they eventually want to get into TV to replace Ant and Dec, with Ollie saying that Jacob wants to get “onto Coronation Street every week.” Speaking of which…

Jacob’s love for Corrie might be landing them a deal

You will have seen from their videos that Jacob is more than obsessed with Coronation Street, but you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an in-joke between them.

The Mirror reported that there has been “an initial approach from Corrie’s digital team to potentially do something with Ollie and Jacob on the show’s social media account.” It’s the crossover nobody actually expected, but it’s certainly more than welcome.

They’ve worked with several celebrities already

Well, if you count a recent collab with a guy called Nathan Dawe who has just released a track with Anne Marie.

They’ve also spoken with Calfreezy on his Fellas podcast, Scott Mills on Radio 1, and they even received a personal video message from Vernon Kay as part of the Newsround special. Very showbiz!

Ollie has a merchandise line… obviously

You knew it was coming. Their catchphrases are the talk of the nation right now, so it was only right they’d get onto selling a range of clothing items with various quotes.

Entering the site is quite simply an explosion of all things Ollie Ball, from the “It’s Ollie Ball here” hoodies to the website greeting: “I got commitment issues, I’m tryna fix that for you… It’s Ollie Ball here. Welcome to my store, full of a comfy range of organic products! Proper ding dang doo. Would defo scran it.”

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