ollie ball, it's ollie ball here

Who is Ollie Ball and why is everyone on TikTok obsessed with him rn?

It’s Ollie Ball here

We love a good in-joke in the UK, and arguably the greatest of the entire lockdown was started by a young student named Ollie Ball. His videos follow the same blueprint – his mate Jacob starts by singing a popular song before Ollie launches in, finishing the lyrics in what can only be described as “in the style of a news correspondent”. Then he says “It’s Ollie Ball here”. Then he reviews whichever food he’s holding.

It’s pretty hard to understand before you’ve watched them, but once you’ve watched a few you’ll be locked in – and although you’ve likely heard of Ollie Ball by this point, not a lot of people know much about the man behind the videos. So, from Lewis Capaldi being a fan to already getting branded deals on the app, here’s everything we know so far about Ollie Ball.

@jabobchuckorscranitOps felt cute @ollieball12 ##GoBoldColorista ##fyp ##LiftYourDream ##foryou ##jabobchuckorscranit♬ original sound – Jacobpaski

Ollie Ball is a 16-year-old student from the UK

Ollie Ball is a 16-year-old TikToker from the UK who films a lot of his videos at school. He’s known for reviewing all sorts of food, from Creme Eggs to items from the school cafeteria.

He has become famed for his humorous way of describing the foods that he reviews, as well as the catchphrases that crop up in the videos. One of his most-viewed TikToks starts with him and Jacob singing the meme song “I’ve got commitment issues”, a phrase that has stuck with them as well as “chuck or scran it”, “it’s unbelievable” and, of course, “It’s Ollie Ball here!”

Ollie Ball and Jacob’s most-viewed video has six million views

@jabobchuckorscranitAnother day another vid comment how ur days been @ollieball12 ##LiftYourDream ##fyp ##Taskmasterpiece ##foryou ##OurHouse2021 ##Coming2America♬ original sound – Jacobpaski

Their most-viewed video is their take on “I got commitment issues”, which has amassed six million views. Ollie also does different types of videos on his personal channel, such as skits and a popular series where he suggests outrageous outfits for various social situations. However, unfortunately:

Ollie Ball’s main account was removed from TikTok

Ollie’s main TikTok account, @ollieball12, has been removed from the platform and nobody seems to know why. Ollie said in a video on his Instagram that although it has been “permanently banned” for no reason, he is working on getting it back.

Before this he had thousands of followers and had done videos working with brands.

But that hasn’t stopped him from gaining a celebrity following

Creators including Behzinga, Calfreezy and even A-listers like Lewis Capaldi are fans of his, and the comments sections on the boy’s videos are a sea of blue ticks. Seriously, pretty much every single major football club has commented on their videos.

Luckily, Ollie has other channels to post on

His new account @ollie_ball_the_wall is already stoking the flames in an ongoing battle for TikTok supremacy between himself and Cal the dragon, but you can also catch him on his new YouTube channel. Luckily the boys are still up to their usual hijinks on the @jacobchuckorscranit profile.

So there you have it – the Horne and Corden of gen Z. We’re all really excited to see what happens for these two in the future.

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