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Why did Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek go to prison in 2011?

His bond was set at $61,000

Several members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad are in hot water right now. Dobrik recently apologised after allegations of sexual assault were made against him by ex-member Seth Francois. Then, a damning Insider article came out with claims of rape against ex-member Durte Dom. Included in the article were allegations made by Trisha Paytas that Jeff Wittek was the one who supplied the alcohol to the young women, which led to Jeff refuting the claims in a 20 minute YouTube video.

However, many will be aware from his candid discussion in various previous vlogs that this isn’t Jeff’s first brush with controversy, for he was actually arrested in 2011 and sent to prison. However, why was Jeff Wittek arrested? Is Jeff Wittek a criminal? How long was Jeff Wittek in prison for? Here’s everything we know about Jeff Wittek’s prison sentence in 2011.

Why was Jeff Wittek sent to prison in 2011?

So, many people know that Jeff obviously went to prison for a few months, but what actually landed him in a cell was his dealing and possession of drugs. Whilst it’s unclear what the exact surroundings are around the arrest, we know that he was dealing a variety of substances including marijuana and cocaine, and that his bond was set at $61,000. As a result, he spent several months at Wayside LA Country prison.

It was during his time in prison where Jeff started to cut the hair of other inmates and earn money by doing so. Speaking to Durte Dom on his podcast, Jeff revealed that although the whole experience was scary at first, it soon becomes dull.

“There is a constant fear of getting killed at all time,” he told Dom. “It kind of fades. If anything, your nerves fade. Initially getting arrested and realizing you have to deal with some serious consequences – that’s where you get all the emotions out. Once that is done, now you are just bored and waiting to get out.”

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