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TikTok world records: These are the TikTokers breaking records with their videos

BTS hit one million followers in just three hours

TikTok has completely shaken up the online video world in more ways than one, breaking various world records whilst doing so. For instance, it wasn’t long ago that getting one million views on a video was the pinnacle of achievement, whilst nowadays it’s more like 10 million. Or how about the fact that in just a couple of years, its largest creator has exceeded 100 million followers, a feat that took the likes of creators like Pewdiepie years and years of hard graft?

It’s pretty incredible, but which records have been set within the app itself? Well, from the most-liked TikTok of all time to the fastest account to reach one million followers, these are the records that have been broken on TikTok so far.

The most liked TikTok – @bellapoarch

@bellapoarchTo the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp♬ M to the B – Millie B

Let’s start off with the most liked TikTok, a world record that goes to none other than miss Build a B*tch herself! Bella Poarch uploaded the above video miming along to British icon Millie B last summer, and it has since rocketed to the top spot with over 50 million likes.

The most commented-on TikTok video – @verifiedbean

@verifiedbeanSpam the comments! Going for the world record #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #comment♬ Moonlight – GDS

Next up is the TikTok video with the most comments, which appears to go to @verfiedbean with their video asking people to do exactly that – make their video the most-commented video with 4.7m comments.

The most viewed TikTok – @zachking

@zachkingThey rejected my application to Hogwarts but I still found a way to be a wizard. 🧹#illusion #magic #harrypotter♬ Zach Kings Magic Broomstick – Zach King

Social media heavyweight Zach King holds the TikTok world record for the most viewed video with this Harry Potter spoof. As is the case with all of his other videos, he relies on clever editing and optical illusions to make it look like he is flying a broomstick – and it has earned him a phenomenal 2.1 billion views.

It’s very likely one of those videos that is shown to every single new user on the app.

The most followed female TikToker – @charlidamelio

@charlidamelio@heididamelio dc @mahakhamidd♬ dc mahakhamidd – Mahak Hamid

Speaking of being shown to every new user on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio is undoubtedly a creator that everyone has had on their FYP at one point or another. With a touch under 120 million followers, she is the most followed female TikToker by quite some margin.

The most followed male TikToker – @khaby.lame

@khaby.lameBro, I’m already at lunch 😅Bro, Sono già al pranzo 😅#t#omuchtime #t#roppotempo#le#arnfromkhaby #le#arnwithtiktok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Khaby Lame’s rise as a TikTok star has been nothing short of miraculous. Despite saying literally nothing in his videos, his profile has grown dramatically in the last year and he currently has 76 million followers.

The fastest TikTok account to get one million followers – @bts_official-bighit

@bts_official_bighitCool shade stunner 🕺 🕶 Show your ##SmoothLikeButter moments😎 ##BTS ##방탄소년단 ##BTS_Butter♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

According to Guinness World Records (you’re damn right it’s THAT official), the official TikTok account of K-Pop group BTS is the quickest to hit one million followers – achieving the feat in three hours and 31 minutes in September 2019.

The TikTok account with the most overall likes – @charlidamelio

@charlidameliodc @ajeyalanai♬ Hot Girl Talk – sound remixes

Oh look, it’s Charlie again!

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that the amount of likes a TikTok account has is proportional to the number of followers they have. Going with this logic, searching through the 20 most followed TikTok accounts reveals that Charli D’Amelio has the most overall likes of the bunch with an eye-watering nine and a half BILLION.

The TikTok account with the most videos – @user8413989493282

@user8413989493282TSE White Knee-Length Skirt w/ Tags♬ original sound – user8413989493282

This is a weird one. Whilst you may not necessarily expect someone of celebrity status to have uploaded the largest quantity of TikToks of all time, you similarly may not expect it to be a random user who has uploaded a little under one million videos showing never-ending slideshows of consumer goods.

But… that’s exactly what has happened with TikToker @user8413989493282, who has uploaded an incredible 951,200 videos to date – and they’re all bizarre. Whilst they haven’t uploaded since March of this year, take a look through the comments section and you’ll see that everyone is equally as confused.

The highest-earning TikToker ever – @addisonre

@addisonreFather’s Day @montyjlopez♬ Shake That Ass – J.Earl 🌟

And finally, the last of the TikTok world records goes to the highest-earning TikToker ever, a coveted title earned by Addison Rae! In 2020, Forbes announced that she had earned five million dollars from her various endeavours that year. Second place went to Charli D’Amelio, with older sister Dixie taking third place.

There is some dispute on this, with another resource identifying Michael Le as the highest-earning TikToker – but Forbes seems more official so we’ll go with that.

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