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‘Leave Acrello alone’: Who is TikTok’s Acrello and why should we leave him alone?

I cannot escape this comment

Amongst the nonsensical slang and weird PFPs abundant in TikTok comments sections, there is one strange new saying that seems to have emerged from nowhere – “leave Acrello alone”. Seriously, often the video will be something completely non-related to this mythical Acrello, but you head to the comments and sure enough, people are telling us to leave Acrello alone. Clicking on his profile makes nothing easier, showing only that he is a popular TikToker that has a private account.

So, we can’t see Acrello’s videos and we’re getting people spamming “leave Acrello alone”, which makes the phrase as good as nonsensical, right? Well, here’s everything we know about the latest TikTok spam phrase: “Leave Acrello alone”.

Why are we being told to “Leave Acrello alone”?

We’ve established that Acrello is a popular TikTok account with a blue tick, nearly five million followers, and a massive 150 million likes – but why are we being told to leave him alone?

While the more cynical part of your TikTok understanding may tell you that this is a mass ploy to get people to follow Acrello (as he is private), it actually comes down to an “inside joke” that he and his followers have cleverly orchestrated.

@user6934402222277the “leave @acrello alone!!” joke explained… #acrello #leaveacrelloalone♬ original sound – user6934402222277

By starting the “leave Acrello alone” joke and making his account private, Acrello whipped TikTok commenters into a state of mass confusion, all so that they’d try to find out exactly what the joke is without being able to. As you can tell from the above video, he’s been hit with thousands of follow requests as a result.

So, your cynicism was well-founded, as this does indeed appear to be a campaign to get Acrello as many followers as possible – and it has worked. For those that don’t want to feed into the hype and drop him a follow, Acrello is a 19-year-old American TikToker (and former Vine star) who creates life hack/comedy videos.

Now you know exactly what the “leave Acrello alone” joke is, AND you don’t have to follow – you’re so welcome.

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