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The 10 Count drinking game gets you and your mates smashed in less than 10 minutes

This looks so much fun

Drinking games can be so bland. Really, another round of ring of fire? Yeah, I guess we could play flip cup… and God forbid anyone whacks Cards Against Humanity out. It’s not like our first reunions with mates after a long lockdown are going to need spicing up in any way whatsoever, but on the off chance you would like to play a few games to ramp things up, BOY do we have just the solution for you – and it’s called the 10 count drinking game.

With the 10 count drinking game, a group of young TikTokers have come up with a game that is so basic it’s guaranteed to be played in every single garden this summer, and we can’t wait. So, how exactly do you play the 10 count drinking game?

@madiekruegerNew game called 10 count!!! ##GodzillaVsKongRoar ##fyp ##fun ##bugsbunny ##missouri♬ original sound – Madie Krueger

How do I play the 10 count drinking game?

As you can see above, the rules are devastatingly simple – which means you’ll likely play this game until you’re non-verbal. If that sounds appealing enough for you, then keep listening because here’s how you play:

  • Everyone in the circle closes their eyes.


  • Now someone needs to start the game with the number one. You can either decide on one person to start beforehand, or you can take the risky option of waiting for someone to start randomly.


  • As a group, you need to work your way up through the numbers from one to 10, ensuring that everyone is keeping their eyes closed. It’s down to you how many numbers you say.


  • If two people say the number at the same time, they both have to drink. As you can see from the above video, it’s pretty unlikely you will get to 10.

And that’s all there is to it! Okay, the game definitely isn’t new to anyone who has been in drama class before and as one of the commenters rightly points out, if you don’t say anything then you won’t ever have to forfeit – but what’s the fun in that? Staying sober whilst everyone else gets hooned? Lame.

Here’s an idea – if you do get to 10, grab a glass and put it in the middle. Everyone has to contribute a bit of their drink to make a full glass, and then whichever people lose the next round have to drink it together.

Nasty things, drinking games, but once you’ve got a few beers down your neck you’ll hardly care. Enjoy!

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