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‘I won’t pull an R Kelly’: TikTokers are collecting receipts on Machine Gun Kelly

‘I wish 13/14/15-year-old girls weren’t allowed to be so hot’

Machine Gun Kelly has never been a celebrity to shy away from controversy. Several recent resurfaced tweets discussing his attraction to underage girls have demonstrated this, just as his remarks on black women “giving the best head” have courted criticism from African American communities – but it’s only now that TikTok creators have started to speak out about his past actions in a series of videos.

So, what exactly has Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, done to arouse so much controversy amongst his fanbase? Here are the main reasons why Machine Gun Kelly is being blasted on TikTok right now.

Machine Gun Kelly has made some controversial comments about underaged girls

On numerous occasions, Machine Gun Kelly has been found to make divisive comments about young women. In one particular tweet from 2010, he claimed that he felt like a “creeper” looking at young girls that he found “hot”.

@nickisentyouI wish everything negative life has to offer to MGK and the Coonish hen that interviewed him♬ original sound – Nicole Davis

“I wish 13/14/15-year-old girls weren’t allowed to be hot so I wouldn’t feel like such a creeper when I look at them… I’m still 19 #imjustsayin.”

In a 2013 interview, he also discussed his crush on Kendall Jenner who was 17 at the time: “Robert Plant, who was one of the greatest lead singers ever… dated a girl that was 14. Axel Rose, who was one of the biggest badasses ever, dated a girl that was 16… I don’t care. Say what you want, man.”

Whilst it’s likely MGK in fact meant that Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was rumoured to have dated a 14-year-old, MGK hasn’t commented any further on the tweets.

…including about Eminem’s daughter, who was 16 at the time

The Eminem And MGK Beef Is Exactly What Hip Hop Needed - UNILAD

Machine Gun Kelly’s rap feud with Eminem started with the above tweet that was posted in 2012. In it, Colson tweeted that he found Eminem’s daughter Hailie “hot as fuck”. She was 16 at the time.

Machine Gun Kelly later claimed that he apologised to Eminem.

Machine Gun Kelly has also made sexual comments about black women

Although he staunchly stands by the fact that he’d never use the N-word, Machine gun Kelly said in a BET awards interview that black women are the best at giving oral sex – which has led to some criticism:

It has been speculated that, in the above clip at 1:18, after launching a tirade of abuse at a lady that walked off, he referred to her as a “dirty n***** bitch”. Responding to the footage on VladTV, MGK said that he meant the oral sex remarks as a “fucking compliment”, and that he’s seen YouTube videos of previous interviews he has done where people are “taking [his] words and inserting the N-word in between [his] sentence.”

“I said ‘black women give the best head,'” he continued. “I mean, they give great head man. I mean, there’s a reason why I had a baby with a black woman, you know what I’m saying? It was amazing, she held me down.”

There are allegations that MGK has behaved unpleasantly to fans

@emmielamp##stitch with @rytoast10 ##greenscreen PLZ blow this up I just exposed myself … ##MaxPlumpJump ##TostitosUnspokenBonds ##MGK ##mentalhealthaction♬ original sound – Emmie

Most recently, TikToker Emmie Lamp told the story of when she got the chance to meet her “biggest celebrity crush” at the age of 19. He was in town and invited her to come and meet up with him, before they “ended up linking”.

It was at this point that she accidentally called him “sis”, something that he clearly wasn’t happy with – because she claims he went on to allegedly call her a “dumb bitch” and a “weird bitch” which left her crying in the bathroom.

Similarly, YouTuber Jaackmaate found his interaction with Machine Gun Kelly to be particularly unpleasant. He explained the story of the time they met at Reading Festival in an Instagram caption: “Told Machine Gun Kelly at Reading that I’m a big fan of his stuff, and asked for a photo. He ignored me.

“I asked again, he turned to me, looked me dead in the eye and said ‘how many times I gotta tell you motherfucker just take the fucking photo,'” claimed the YouTuber.

MGK hasn’t officially responded to either claim.

Machine Gun Kelly allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend with Megan Fox

@impaulsive_clipsSOMMER RAY SPEAKS ON MGK & MEGAN FOX 😳 #sommerray #mgk #meganfox #impaulsive #podcast #loganpaul #fyp♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

According to ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray, Colson cheated on her with Megan Fox whilst filming Switchblade Grass: “He did kinda cheat on me with Megan Fox so it’s kinda like… cause if you look at the timeline of us dating, we were together in Puerto Rico,” she told Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

“So I wait in the hotel the whole time while he’s filming with her and I’m not really thinking anything of it because […] I thought she was older and had kids and was married and stuff.”

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