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Racism and transphobia: TikTokers are collecting receipts on ‘problematic’ Brendon Urie

He has also been accused of sexual assault

After a number of claims were made against Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie in the summer of 2020, ex fans of his have taken to TikTok to further draw attention to these same allegations. Multiple men and women came forward on Twitter, outlining personal stories and experiences with Urie as well as resurfacing old videos of him reportedly exhibiting racist, sexist and transphobic behaviour.

Despite the revival of claims against him, not a lot was heard from Urie at the time. So, what are people on TikTok claiming that Brendan Urie did? And which claims against him has he responded to? Here’s everything we know about Brendan Urie and the allegations made against him.

Brendon has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault

Brendon Urie has been subject to multiple allegations of sexual assault, ranging from “grabbing of buttocks” to sharing nudes without permission. Most of the allegations have come from Twitter, where alleged victims have made burner accounts to post their experiences, or having other people share stories on their behalf.

Brendon hasn’t responded to any of the above allegations, although he publicly denounced a friend of his for similar accusations and removed him from his personal staff. There is an equally large amount of posts from fans on Twitter defending Brendon and claiming that the allegations are false.

He alluded to raping fans at the end of one of his concerts

Many disillusioned fans of Urie’s point to a particular video in which, at the end of one of his concerts, he announces to the audience that if he sees any of his fans after the concert he’ll “fuck” them, regardless of if they want it or not. He finishes with: “I really want it… dude. I really want it… bro.”

Brendon hasn’t responded directly to this clip.

He has reportedly associated with sexual harrasers in the past

Last year the hashtag #BrendonUrieSpeakUp started to trend as fans implored Brendon to speak up on his association with security guard Zack Hall, who was accused of abusive behaviour and sexual harassment by Breezy Weekes – the wife of ex PATD band member Dallon Weekes.

“I met Dallon out on tour and it was a day off for the band,” she wrote. “We were all hanging out including Zack. I was the only girl in the group that day. We went to go see a movie that day. Upon entering the inside of the movie theatre we were looking for seats and Zack pushes past everyone to come over to me and says, ‘I’m going to sit next to her (me) maybe I can get her to jack me off during the movie!’”

Another man – Grant Lorraine – who appears in the music video for Panic at the Disco’s Dancing’s Not a Crime, was also accused of harassment. Brendon took to Twitch, where he announced that he had fired Zack and apologised for fans who were hurt or felt unsafe: “I wanna say I’m truly sorry for anyone who’s been hurt by this directly or has been made to feel unheard,” he said.

“The safety of our fans is a priority, and I do not take that lightly. ‘Cause, the last thing I want is for anyone to feel unsafe when they’re coming to see Panic! At The Disco. So, moving forward we’ll also be holding mandatory anti-harassment training sessions for anybody who works for the band.”

Brendon has been accused of racism on more than one occasion

In the video, he says: “I wish I was born black so I could wear the clothes I wear without getting made fun of. ‘Cos right now they’re like: ‘Nice fucking stupid shirt asshole,’ and I’m like: ‘Hey I’m white, just give me a pass!’ and they say: ‘No, you should be black, not white!'”

Although it seemed like he had good intentions in this particular clip, another video resurfaced in which he mimed the n-word. Brendon hasn’t responded to either clip.

He had to apologise after using a “transphobic slur”

Urie has been outspoken on a number of issues, but this particular comment on the transgender community garnered criticism for his use of the word “trannie,” which is considered a transphobic slur. In addition, he made comments where he compared Caitlyn Jenner’s transition to Rachel Dolezal’s claims of being black.

Brendon Urie apologised in a video where he said that he was just repeating the slur that someone else had said and that he was deeply sorry for how hurtful the word is.

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