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Teen from ‘Charlie bit my finger’ is using NFT proceeds to go to London uni

The video sold for £538,000

Following the sale of the official Charlie bit my finger NFT, the family have announced that some of the proceeds will go towards the education of the four brothers.

Having sold last month for £538,000, the money will allow the Davies-Carr family to send all four of their children to university if they so desire – and the eldest has already decided which university he wants to attend.

Speaking with Newsbeat, Harry – who is now 17 and has since recovered from the bite – said that he wants to attend either Imperial College London or UCL to study “some kind of engineering”.

First uploaded in May 2007, Charlie bit my finger shot straight into viral stardom and has accrued nearly 900m views as of June 2021 – and it appears to have become lucrative far before the sale of the NFT. Perhaps aided by Charlie bit my finger T-shirts being flogged in the description box, their father Howard revealed to Newsbeat that they’ve now made an estimated £1,000,000 since the video was initially uploaded to YouTube.

Although it was initially announced that the video would be removed following the sale of the NFT, it was also revealed that the winning bidder, known as “3fmusic”, is “quite happy” for the clip to remain on the site.

charlie bit my finger

Harry Davies-Carr is now 17 years old

“By the time they’re adults, I want them to be more than just the video,” Howard told Newsbeat. “You see fame come and go, it’s very fickle. So we’ve never viewed this as fame, we’ve never viewed it as a source of income.” Well, just wait until Harry whips this fact out during his first drinking game in freshers’ week – that fame will very quickly work to his advantage.

Anyway, considering almost everyone pays their loan back in instalments, I’m not sure this is where I’d put the money – but you do you, lads.

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